World News | Page 67

Mystery of appearance of solar system is revealed
Revelation about Trump’s intention on Afghanistan and Iraq pullout
Twenty-year-old twins find a way to pay off their parents’ mortgage
Trump announced his election victory for second time in
Horned octopus was nicknamed kraken and people were forbidden to approach it
Home Europe’s economy faces new challenges
Belarus urged Poland to hand over creator of Nexta as soon as possible
WHO talks about failure of vaccine to stop coronavirus pandemic
Largest oil company in world is going to borrow money
Kolesnikova will remain in jail
Beeline made Internet in metro free
UK to ban fossil fuel car sales
Apple acknowledged iPhone 12 issue
Revealed harmful effect of protective masks on face
Epidemiologist explained errors of tests for COVID-19 in Russia
Putin congratulated Sanda on winning presidential elections in Moldova
Ministry of Health named most dangerous age for coronavirus
Virologist evaluates effectiveness of suppressing COVID-19 natural products
Rospotrebnadzor explained incidence of coronavirus in regions of Russia
Vera Wong, 71, reveals secret of keeping youthful with vodka
Kremlin reacted to lockdown in Buryatia
Kremlin commented on results of presidential elections in Moldova
Russian pensioner removed eight-kilogram tumor that interfered with walking
Dodon congratulates Sanda on winning presidential elections in Moldova
Russians began to ask collectors for help more often
Head of Buryatia explained introduction of lockdown
Zelensky congratulates Sanda on winning presidential elections in Moldova
Doctors gave recommendations on lung recovery after COVID-19
Updates function broke in Windows
Macron sees UN Security Council as useless
Russians did not cut wages during coronavirus
Mishustin announced reform of management system in Russia
Priest survived after falling on him a boulder weighing four tons
Schoolchildren to prepare for exam despite pandemic
Record 22,778 coronavirus infections registered in Russia per day
Russia: 303 patients with coronavirus died per day
Revelation Trump’s desire to finally teach China a lesson for everything
Immunologist named a way to stop coronavirus pandemic in two weeks
Faithful dog jumped on a shark to protect owner
Former youngest billionaire scolded for ridiculous outfit and lack of
Trump twits about his election victory again
Canadian created a helmet to protect against coronavirus
17 Americans received state awards in Russia
Trump Staff Drops Most PA Claims
Most beautiful woman in world starred topless in advertising
Man was ill with COVID-19 and was forced to learn to walk again
Dentist spoke about uselessness of expensive toothbrushes
Solved mystery of disappearance of Martian water