Priest survived after falling on him a boulder weighing four tons

A priest from the American city of Phoenix, Arizona, survived after being hit by a boulder weighing four tons. The Daily Mail reports.

In late September, Pentecostal priest Luke Barnett and his 20-year-old daughter Annalee went on a charity trip. They planned to traverse some 1,300 kilometers through the forests, mountains and deserts of Arizona and by the end of the journey raise a million dollars to build a new church center in Colorado City with a food bank and programs to help those in need.

On October 25, travelers were caught in a landslide. Barnett managed to push his daughter away, so she was not hurt. A giant stone fell on him and inflicted numerous injuries on him. The priest was taken by helicopter to the hospital with fractures of his arm, leg and three ribs.

Ten days later, Barnett returned home. The daughter continued the hike without him and hopes to complete the project they started together.

In 2011 it was reported that a resident of New Zealand sold the fallen on his house 30-ton boulder. For a piece of rock, they managed to bail out 60 thousand New Zealand dollars (3.2 million rubles).