Business News

Despite inflation, government renounces to freeze rents
Baccalaureate in challenge of “irrepressible” inflation of notes
Iran: middle class mistreated by rampant inflation
Bacterium E. coli: Malo brand recalls yogurts sold in supermarkets throughout France
Issue Postmarketos 22.06, Linux display for smartphones and mobile devices
Telecoms giant Ericsson targeted by a survey of American stock market gendarme for suspicions of corruption
Faced with rampant inflation, ECB is committed to increasing its rates
France: spectrum of a recession on a background of acceleration of inflation
Consulting firms: at Quai d’Orsay, suspicion of a rigged market on a communication contract
Controversial president of Polish central bank renewed
Elon Musk in viewfinder of American stock market gendarme
Salmonellosis: more than 3,000 tonnes of Kinder products have been removed from market since start of scandal
Pensions: executive wishes to indexing pensions on inflation valid from July
Courses of wheat fly away on European market after ban on India to export
In United States, at least 10 dead in a shooting in a Buffalo supermarket, in New York State
In United States, inflation is falling a little, but wins services
United States: Lisa Cook confirmed as governor at American central bank
Stéphane Courbit introduces Banijay and Betclic on stock market
On job market, young graduates weakened by health crisis
“Jerome Powell wants to believe in a miracle, which would allow inflation to absorb itself”
Greece: a twenty-four hour strike against inflation, which broke records
Rents carried by inflationary pressure
Fifty nuances of beauty products market
“Faced with inflation, most important thing is to maintain political cohesion”
SOS of Nantes market gardeners against additional costs generated by war in Ukraine
In United States, inflation finally provokes a rise in rates
Faced with inflation, Fed Acts its first rate increase since 2018
Faced with “strong and sustainable” inflation, government promises a thaw from index point of civil servants
Art market: law that relieves Christie’s and Sotheby’s
Worried about inflation, European Central Bank reduces monetary support
Supermarkets: prices will increase by at least 3% on 2022
War in Ukraine: commodity market isolate
As in 1970s, inflation in United States is partly due to an accommodating monetary policy
Forest, a long-term financial investment against inflation
American inflation reaches 7.5%
Lyon: majority ecologist changes rules of transport market
INSEE provides for an acceleration of inflation, which would reach 3% to 3.5% by June 2022
Facebook gives up its digital currency project
Paris: police prefect renounces moving “Crack market” in 12th arrondissement
Ministry of Finance presented new rules for regulating cryptocurrency
Energy, housing, food … Europe facing shock of inflation
US forced Facebook to refuse to create their own cryptocurrency
Putin asked Central Bank and Government to agree on cryptocurrency
McDonalds agreed to accept payment in cryptocurrency under one condition
Jean Castex announces a new gesture for purchasing power of households, ecorned by inflation
In State Duma thought about hard regulation cryptocurrency
Ilon Mask called on McDonalds to accept payment of membrane cryptocurrency
Ministry of Finance opposed cryptocurrency prohibition