Business News

Prohibition of cryptocurrencies in China declared opportunity for United States
China has banned cryptocurrency
Reshetnikov explained risks for Russia’s economic growth
Mask criticized his favorite cryptocurrency
European country has stated a weak currency for economy
Rogozin accused Spacex in extrusion of “Roskosmos” from market
President recognized himself a dictator after protests against cryptocurrency
Udokan field will help markets to cope with copper deficit
Hairdresser opened danger of paints for hair from supermarket
Mongolia’s stock market turned out to be most profitable in world
Central Bank predicted peak inflation
China opened hunt for “underground” cryptocurrency miners
Europe to support cryptocurrency
In Russia, they to limit purchases of cryptocurrencies
American market covered a large-scale deficit of goods
Puppy mask inflicted cryptocurrency course
Main business counsel in Russia warned about loss of a market economy
Russia and Belarus will unite gas and oil markets
In Kremlin answered question of creating a single currency of Russia and Belarus
Putin announced combination of gas market of Russia and Belarus
Mainers began selling hard drives due to collapse of new cryptocurrency
Head of LUKOIL allowed collapse of oil market at 100 dollars per barrel
Implementation of ESG-transformation strategy will provide long-term economic growth
US called for Europe to regulate cryptocurrency
Head of Ministry of Labor announced exit of Russian market to Doparamonium level
Analyst said Paper Gazprom lagging behind market
A way to resist inflation
Auchan reduced number of supermarkets in Russia
Russia has tightened control over cash transactions
A new value of subsistence minimum has been set in Russia
Oil price returned to February last year
Turkish Stream is in demand in Europe
Oil price skyrocketed
Burger King will bring back 20-year-old logo
Russians chose most promising professions in 2021
Russians explained procedure for paying tax on deposits
World food prices have broken a record
Boeing to pay $ 2.5 billion in compensation for troubled 737 MAX
Bitcoin price breaks record again
Elon Musk received title of richest man in world
Elon Musk approached title of richest man in world
Denmark called timing of resumption of work on “Nord Stream-2”
Bitcoin price has renewed historical record again
Bitcoin price hits all-time high amid US protests
Bankers called condition for a credit amnesty in Russia
Russia has reduced gas transit through Ukraine
Akademik Chersky returned to construction site of Nord Stream 2
Bitcoin price has risen above 35 thousand dollars and updated its all-time high