Business News

Paris: police prefect renounces moving “Crack market” in 12th arrondissement
Ministry of Finance presented new rules for regulating cryptocurrency
Energy, housing, food … Europe facing shock of inflation
US forced Facebook to refuse to create their own cryptocurrency
Putin asked Central Bank and Government to agree on cryptocurrency
McDonalds agreed to accept payment in cryptocurrency under one condition
Jean Castex announces a new gesture for purchasing power of households, ecorned by inflation
In State Duma thought about hard regulation cryptocurrency
Ilon Mask called on McDonalds to accept payment of membrane cryptocurrency
Ministry of Finance opposed cryptocurrency prohibition
IMF warned world from ban cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency market has lost 140 billion dollars per day
Kremlin accused West in collapse of Russian market
Russian stock market collapsed 24 January
Russian stock market has opened a drop 24 January
FSB was against ban cryptocurrency
Autototes will be sold in supermarkets until February 15th
Building of Central Bank “mined” due to prohibition of cryptocurrency in Russia
Russian stock market collapsed 21 January
Central Bank clarified prohibition details cryptocurrency in Russia
Google Pay will start maintaining cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency turnover stopped impossible
Seller revealed unpleasant truth about working in mass market
Germany: compared Russia’s disconnection from SWIFT with a “atomic bomb” for market
Oreshkin made a forecast for inflation in coming years
Nabiullina put low inflation in merit Centralail
Cryptocurrency market collapsed 14 January
Electricity: EDF plunges on stock market after announcements of Bercy to limit rise in tariffs
Tesla chose only cryptocurrency for payments
UK: introduction of digital currency was frightened
Statement Foreign Ministry taxed Russian market
Russian stock market has opened a drop 13 January
Rosstat stated final level of inflation in Russia
State Duma responded to question of money on indexation of pensions above inflation
Putin offered to index pensions above level of inflation
US market predicted a bright future
Analysts predicted inflation by end of year
In United States declared displacement of Russian gas from European markets by American
Richest man in world cryptocurrency
Alma-Ata: earned supermarkets with enhanced security
Annual inflation in eurozone established a new historical record
In United States, despite a downward unemployment rate, labor market bother
Euro zone: inflation reaches 5% in December, its highest level in twenty-five years
Caddy, manufacturer of supermarket trolleys, has seven weeks to find a buyer
Caddy, supermarket trolley manufacturer, placed in judicial recovery
Hope of punctual inflation is moving away
Apple briefly exceeds $ 3,000 billion in market capitalization
Caddy, manufacturer of supermarket trolleys, declared itself in cessation of payment