Business News

Financial markets: European Central Bank is launching a “global warning” on systemic risks
Discreet arrival of Sephora on parapharmacy market
France: inflation marks footsteps but spreads to entire economy
In euro zone, record inflation of 10 % over one year in September
Food inflation in France approaches 10 % in supermarkets
Bulgaria: in poorest region of EU, great fear of winter and inflation
Tobacco: price of packet of cigarettes will increase in proportion to inflation
To combat inflation, Fed sets up its rates and does not exclude a recession
Valérie Pécresse agitates threat of a navigo pass at 100 euros due to inflation
In United States, bad inflation figures in August, cold shower for Wall Street and Joe Biden
Marine Le Pen returns to themes of purchasing power and inflation
Faced with inflation, European Central Bank decides on a historic increase in its interest rate
Free train tickets: Spain helps its population, prey to inflation
French salaries increased in 2022 but less than inflation
Price of fight against inflation
Prices of PS5 increased by Sony because of inflation
China: central bank drops its interest rates, now to their lowest historic
Key developer Postmarketos left Pine64 project due to problems in community
A university school year undermined by inflation
Automobile: “Valeo will pass 100 % of inflation to its manufacturers’ customers”
United States: examination of “anti-inflation” plan of Democrats begins in Senate
Drought: for market gardeners from Nantes, “rocking in an unknown world”
What cryptocurrencies favor?
2022: wages will increase slower than inflation
Woman object: a question marketing subject
United States: surprise agreement on an “anti-inflation” plan brings optimism among democrats
Annual inflation rate of euro zone reaches a record level in July
In an attempt to curb inflation, Fed is again rates its guiding rates up to 2.5 %
Food crisis, social problems … in West Africa, inflation delay bomb
War, inflation: IMF revives its prospects for global growth
Specialized brands will imitate supermarkets to reduce their energy consumption
To deal with inflation, European Central Bank decides to increase its more interest rates
Approaching start of school year, families and elected officials are concerned about inflation
Lighting, temperature: supermarkets agree to reduce their energy consumption
Taken in vintage between inflation and risk of recession, ECB will raise its rates
Zimbabwe affected by a new wave of hyperinflation
American basketball player Brittney Griner, currency between Russia and United States
Renationalization of EDF: “The end of a stock market anomaly”
France: food inflation crosses 5 % threshold in June
Faced with inflation, central attack bankers
Europeans agree on a roadmap, reform of carbon market at end of heat engine
Despite inflation, government renounces to freeze rents
Baccalaureate in challenge of “irrepressible” inflation of notes
Iran: middle class mistreated by rampant inflation
Bacterium E. coli: Malo brand recalls yogurts sold in supermarkets throughout France
Issue Postmarketos 22.06, Linux display for smartphones and mobile devices
Telecoms giant Ericsson targeted by a survey of American stock market gendarme for suspicions of corruption
Faced with rampant inflation, ECB is committed to increasing its rates