Business News

United States sued Google for abuse of online advertising market
Almost $ 700 million was seized from founder of FTX cryptocurrency
National Assembly adopts text modifying balance of power between supermarkets and suppliers
Racketeering on Val Fourré market in Mantes-la-Jolie: seven defendants sentenced to prison
“Blue Monday”: most depressing day of year is just marketing concept
Chainalysis: volume of cryptocurrency associated with illegal activity in 2022 exceeded $ 20 billion
Liquidation of market space (ex-Toupargel): “We will fight with what we have left”
Judicial liquidation of market place, 1,900 jobs removed
In United States, inflation finally gives way
Argentina: record inflation of almost 95 % for 2022
False placements in cryptocurrencies: several dozen arrests in Eastern Europe
Coinbase license in mass to get out of sinking of cryptocurrencies
Darknet markets with prohibited substances migrate to custom android applications
Resident of Ohio stole 712 confiscated bitcoins from American law enforcement officers
Pensions: reform to reassure financial markets
Pace of inflation slowed in December in France
Sam Bankman-Fried, former CEO of FTX cryptocurrency platform, pleads not guilty in New York
Real estate: reversal of prices, gentrification, teleworking … How market evolved in 2022
Sam Bankman-Fried, former CEO of cryptocurrency platform FTX
European Commission: Meta* “extinguishes” its competitors to capture entire market
European Union reforms its carbon market, an important step to accelerate climate ambition
Online sports betting: “The market regulation objective has not been held”
European Union adopts vast reform of its carbon market to achieve its climatic objectives
Microsoft banned cryptocurrency mining in its online services
Luxury Christmas market near Champs-Elysées
Green Linux 21 came out – Antisancation OS for Russian market
Since beginning of year, hackers stole more than $ 3.3 billion in cryptocurrency
More graduated, 2017 generation is better in labor market, according to CEREQ
Pavel Durov will create decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges
Euro zone: inflation is stabilized and growth resists
Tentacular investments in private schools in real estate market
In United States, shooting in Walmart supermarket killed several
Faced with inflation, SNCF tariff strategy complex
Budget 2022: Senate votes an anti-inflation extension of 2.5 billion euros
Rules on thermal colanders shake real estate market
FTX, bankruptcy that shakes cryptocurrencies
In United States, inflation has reached its lowest level since January
Foreign customers will be able to buy Russian software in cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency platforms: Binance renounces to buy ftx
US law enforcement agencies tore off mask from cybercriminal, which stole more than 50,000 bitcoins
Greece: supermarkets forced to adopt privileged prices on basic products
In euro zone, growth slows down and inflation is
“Current inflation draws its roots from factors linked to absence of energy transition”
“The British financial market storm points to contradictions of political leaders”
France: inflation reached 6.2 % over a year in October, an unprecedented level since 1985
Why prices of gas reflected on European market
Dark IMF forecasts for European economy in 2023, between high inflation and low growth
“The interconnection of European electricity markets is an asset that it would be badly advised to question