Live russia updates

Microsoft Researchers Link Clop Group to Moveit Transfer Attack
Surge in Truebot Anxiety from New Delivery Vectors
Apple denies Russian spying allegations
CrowdStrike CEO Claims AI Can Combat Threats
Russian-Speaking Terminator Wipes Out Antivirus Systems
Conference on Infusion Services Provider
Mos.hub Code Library Now Available for Developers
Firefox adds machine translation support for night assemblies
Moscow Govt Launches Site for Mos.hub Development
Adobe offers free product subscriptions to Russians
Russian Cryptographic Protection Standards for Subscriber Devices by 2030
Positive Hack Days 12 Explores Tech Investments and Prospects
Vladimir Resident Attempts State Resource Hack Twice
Roskomnadzor Warns of Risks with Recommendatory Services
META* Launches 128-Core Processor for Metavselnaya Work
Criminals Shun Genesis Market Darknet Version
WhatsApp allows 15-minute message deletion window
VK to Develop Open Game Engine Nau Engine
Meta Hit with Record Fine for Breaching EU User Data Confidentiality
Russia Plans Mandatory Fee for Skipping Internet Traffic
ISP RAS announces creation of consortium for studying safety of Linux nucleus
Montana Bans TikTok, First US State to Do So
Pavel Durov Denies Telegram’s MacOS Vulnerability
Russian Consortium Studies Safety of Linux Nucleus
State Duma OKs Fines for Banks Using Foreign Messengers
Fheroes2 Launches Open-Source Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Engine 15 May
Cryptnet Launches Extortion Service with Lowest Commission
Kostroma Resident Gets 7.5 Years for Harmful Program Development
New Russian Protocol Rustp/UDTP Unveils Transport Secrets
Russia Launches Electronic Register for Military Service Lines
Open software opening in Russia up 3.2x in Q1 2023
Russian Government Okays Children’s Info Security Concept
Yandex Explains GPS Malfunctions in Moscow
All convicts required to give DNA under new law
US Authorities Shut Down Try2CHECK Card Service
Twitter Users Locked Out in Latest Failure
Scammers Target Elderly for Arson Scam
Microsoft Ignores Principles for Russian Market
Telegram Defends Privacy Rights Amid Brazil Court Dispute
Russia Forms Committee for Cryptocurrency Experiment
FIN7 hackers exploit Veeam vulnerability to steal data
Linguist 5.0 Adds Browser Translation
Cyberurine found near Canadian gas pipeline, no detonation
Brazil to Block Telegram App
Palantir Plans to Weaponize GPT-4 AI on Battlefield
Chinese Hackers Blamed for South African Military Actions by Backdor Sword2033
TEK suggests extension for transition to local IT products
Sakhalin Resident’s State Services Account Hacked by Fraudsters