Live russia updates

Rogozin rated launch of Russia’s competitor Starlink and OneWeb
Afghan Mufti explained torture of clergy by militants “Taliban”
Starliner attempt to reach ISS will be transferred to 2022
Afghan resistance hired lobbyists from USA
Roscosmosa national team victory on DigitalSkills 2021 in team standings
Residents of Afghanistan told about life under authority of Taliban
Pakistan urged to support new government of Afghanistan
US found a way to overlap Russia access to Atlantic Ocean
On session of UN General Assembly instead of Taliba will be representative of Afghanistan
US criticized Taliban plans to return executions in Afghanistan
Pentagon: answered offer to expand contacts with Russia
In Germany, they recognized uselessness of sanctions against Russia
US allowed limited financial transactions with Taliban
“Tosuchka” will be protected from high-precision weapons
Prices for gasoline in Russia broke a historical record
Russia began making first satellite for a competitor Starlink and OneWeb
Ruble retained positions to dollar
Netherlands: police detained nine suspects in preparation of terrorist attack
Sovcombank appealed to police on second episode of fraud attempt
Correction of height of ISS orbit passed
Economist commented on introduction of US sanctions against 35 Russians
Most popular iPhone 13 in Russia
Ship “Union MS-19” is docked with a transition compartment
Belorussia authorities refused to accept law on foreign
Taliban will be returned with mortal executions and cuts off limbs
In Russia, they explained attacks of USA from space
Scandinavian countries will strengthen military cooperation because of Russia
Average pensions next year
“Taliban” demanded from their militants to comply with conditions of amnesty
40 years ago at CPK began to use Centrifuge TsF-18
Taliban took under protection of ancient treasures of Afghanistan
Russian delegation refused to attend PACE session
Deadlines for transfer of “Admiral Kuznetsov” Navy
Poland reported death of a migrant on border with Belorussia
In Russia will grow size of maternal capital
Big change on cosmodrome east
Enemy “Gazprom” was deprived of opportunity to harm “Northern Stream-2”
Revelation about possible arrival of Taliban to Moscow
Taliban hoped to receive an invitation to Moscow
In Russia, they to control production of water
Kyrgyz diplomats held talks with “Taliban” in Kabul
Japan rejected Russia’s proposal for smokers
For new deputies of State Duma, Chinese smartphones purchased
US mulling to punish for help of “Northern Stream-2”
NOVATEK’s deputy head wanted to let go for $ 80 million
Taliban demanded from ex-president of Afghanistan to return exported money
Ministry of Internal Affairs announced ignoring of United Kingdom of Russia’s requests for legal assistance
Two overclocking blocks “Frigate” shipped to Guyan Space Center