Live russia updates

Moselle: government plans to relaunch a coal -fired power plant in winter of 2022
War in Ukraine: G7 in search of cohesion and allies against Russia
Pricing shield of prolonged gas until end of 2022
Three continents of Russian strategy
Warsaw: Polish and Ukrainians paraded together at Pride
Totalnergies, EDF and Engie call French to consume less energy
French growth should reach 2.3 % in 2022
Resilience of Russian army, a key to war in Ukraine
Four months that convinced Europeans to open their door to Ukraine at war
Kyiv: crucial issue of European Union membership
Bulgaria: Prime Minister Pro-European disavowed
“What was initially a local conflict limited to Ukraine has become a war by proxy, not declared
Boris Johnson: “A Ukrainian counter-offensive should be supported”
COVVI-19 has caused 19 billion euros to cinemas in Europe losing 19 billion
Ukrainian journalist Maks Levin “executed by Russians”, according to Reporters Sans Frontières
“Photographers in war”, on LCP: in Ukraine, from horror to history
EDF majority research for perilous reform
Facebook introduced TMO mechanism that saves 20-32% of memory on servers
Why tension rises around Russian enclave in Kaliningrad
Airbus A380 comes out a big winner of crisis
Deemed too protective of fossil fuels, Treaty on Energy Charter is disputed on all sides
Russia threatens Lithuania after restrictions on transit to Kaliningrad enclave
Heritage by Vladimir Putin: a mysterious “cooperative” of companies uncovered thanks to leaks
Boxing: Beterbiev inflicts a correction on Smith and unifies titles in semi-heavy
Donbass: noose tightens around pocket of Louhansk, priority target of Moscow
War in Ukraine: France no longer receives Russian gas
Petersburg, Vladimir Putin praises Russian resilience
Brussels recommends granting Ukraine status of candidate for European Union
Cycling: COVVI-19 catches up with peloton of Tour de Switzerland
Give European CAP to Ukraine
A Russian spy under legend arrested after trying to infiltrate International Criminal Court
Timid WTO Agreement on subsidies harmful to fishing
China launches “Fujian”, its third aircraft carrier
With Zelensky, Macron, Scholz and Draghi multiply guarantees of support in Ukraine
In United Kingdom, “shock from cost of living”
War in Ukraine: Gazprom assumes its choice to lower its deliveries to Europe, prices of gas fly away
Online disinformation: EU adopts a new code of conduct for platforms and social networks
Following a complaint from relatives of Samuel Paty, an investigation open in Paris for “omission to rescue
Emmanuel Macron on a catch -up visit to kyiv
At NATO, United States wants to re-mobilize its European allies against Russia
New deterrent part around Taiwan Strait
North Korea continues to strengthen its ballistic and nuclear arsenal
Despite record growth in renewables, “the energy transition does not take place”
Emmanuel Macron to French soldiers in Romania: “Defense Europe is built here”
War in Ukraine: after Sacred Union, Europeans divided between “Falcons” and “Colombes”
Russia: opponent Alexei Navalny transferred to another penitentiary colony
Tennis: Russians and Belarusses will be able to participate in US Open under neutral flag
European Parliament takes its weapons against nuclear and gas classification as “sustainable” energies