Live russia updates

Germany: energetician Rwe will close his coal power plants by 2030
“brilliant” success of Ukrainian offensives
“French fractures”: war in Ukraine awakens European feeling among French
In National Assembly, government confirms its support for Ukraine and aims at RN and LFI
Central European countries want to close Balkan migration road
According to Sweden, gas has stopped escaping from North Stream 1, but not from North Stream 2
Barely annexed by Moscow, Donetsk and Kherson regions are rooted by Ukrainian army
Bulgaria: legislative elections do not lead to any solution to get out of political crisis
Ukraine reclaimed Lyman, voting to Brazil, putsch in Burkina Faso
Latvia: centrist party wins legislative elections, parties representing almost striped Russian speakers
Bulgaria: new legislative elections against backdrop of concern about outbreak of prices
Pope Francis’ dialogues with Islam
War in Ukraine: kyiv’s forces entered Lyman
Zaporijia: a maternity in front of front
Ligue 1: OGC Nice Aiglons fly in a turbulence area
Near Koupiansk, at least twenty Ukrainian civilians were found shot killed in their car
In euro zone, record inflation of 10 % over one year in September
Latvia elects its deputies in shadow of war in Ukraine
North Korea is launching a fourth shot of ballistic missiles in a week
In United Kingdom, environmental activists are mobilizing against Liz Truss’s projects
Joe Biden warns that “America and its allies are ready to defend every centimeter from NATO territory
Vladimir Putin seals annexation of four territories of Ukraine at end of an anti-West discourse
“The people made their choice”: Vladimir Putin formalizes annexation of four Ukrainian regions
Berlin unlocks 200 billion euros to alleviate rise in gas prices
Challenges awaiting Luc Rémont, new boss of EDF
Russia: French business circles taken between two fires
EDF or story of a French debacle
Faced with outbreak of energy prices, Berlin unlocks 200 billion euros
Despite Ukraine, Europeans expect a clear decline in influence of United States
Manager of electricity network, RTE, will give back to its customers a billion euros
With tailor -made referendums, Moscow advances towards annexation of sides of Ukrainian territory
Explosions targeting Nord Stream 1 and 2: privileged sabotage track
Saudi Arabia: Mohammed Ben Salman consolidates his power by becoming Prime Minister
Sanctions against Russia: odds of Ursula von der Leyen
Author of an anti -war poem would have been violated in detention in Moscow, according to his relatives
Mobilization in Russia: images of miles of traffic jams on border with Georgia
Women’s world basketball: beaten by Serbia, Bleues go to a shock in quarters
North Stream 1 and North Stream 2 gas pipelines affected by unexplained gas leaks in open sea
Françoise Nyssen will leave presidency of South Acts at end of year
Shinzo Abe: Beginning of controversial national funeral in Japan for former Prime Minister
Armament: War in Ukraine revives rivalry between Europe and United States
Vladimir Putin grants Russian nationality to American whistleblower Edward Snowden
Russia: a shooting in a school left nine dead, including five children
Social and political tensions in Russia after “partial” mobilization decreed by Putin
OECD revives its forecasts for global growth
Elisabeth Borne says that method chosen by government will be announced before “the end of week”
Energy: “Liquefied natural gas has become strategic for Europeans”
Code of recognition and translation of speech Whisper is opened