Live russia updates

Faced with Macron, Putin regrets rejection of his requests by United States
Open from Australia: Daniil Medvedev or eulogy of patience
First person: Igor Watermelov about work of NGO Energomash in 2021
Report on work of Russian crew for January 27
Payable load of ship “Progress MS-19”
Rafael Nadal in final of Australian Open
Faced with Putin, Macron continues his hand outstretched policy despite disappointments
RCCs have created test technology using digital twins
Continues active monitoring of EFC zones
Roscosmos and NGOs Lavochkina told about current projects on Board on Space in RAS
Arctic-M satellites will come to rescue
Crisis in Ukraine: Russia regrets American refusal to limit enlargement of NATO
US: an unmanned helicopter was put on combat duty
Blinnskaya invented a new way to make money on subscribers
Research ship “Evgeny Gorigledge” will be on test
Ministry of Finance presented new rules for regulating cryptocurrency
West saw “open door” for revival of DRSMD in answers of United States and NATO of Russia
Canadian astronaut praised Putin for work and wanted to meet him
NATO Secretary General said “Absolutely Inchange”
State Duma appreciated requirements of West to Russia for security guarantees
US made introduction of new passage rules and navigation in Black Sea
Beijing Olympics 2022: Kevin Rolland and Tessa Worley bearers of France
State Duma ridiculed NATO Offer to resume work of representative offices
Russia: raised prices for strong alcohol
Russia refused to take US response to security guarantees offered by it
NATO declared serious disagreements with Russia
Germany recognized impossibility of building European security without Russia
United States announced “positive things” in response to proposals of Russia on security
NATO prepared to discuss disarmament and arms control
Russia warned West on effect of boomeranga with introduction of sanctions
Rosneft concluded a contract with Italian company Maire Tecnimont
Baltic fleet will receive a new ship with “caliber”
Ambassador of Russia explained Ultimatum’s nominated
US Ambassador brought to Russian Foreign Ministry response to security guarantees
Lawyer Sapiei deprive licenses
In United States told about most perfect submarine of Russia
Putin asked Central Bank and Government to agree on cryptocurrency
Launch of gas pipeline from Russia to China and Mongolia
BCS recognized Rosneft shares most preferred for investment
Most popular laptops 27 January
NATO in two words appreciated proposals of Russia for security guarantees
Irish fishermen threatened to disrupt exercises of Navy of Russia
Possible consequences of Europe’s new anti-Russian sanctions are rated
Putin explained working with EU by mutual recognition of Covid-19 vaccines
England: Russia was predicted for US response for security guarantees
Lavrov said term for implementation of allied programs in Russia and Belarus
“The integration of Ukraine into NATO does not seem to me a priority in a pacified and reconciled Europe”
Lavrov explained Russia’s friends in Latin America