Live russia updates

Products cheap in Russia
Zakharova doubted strength of friendship of United States and Germany
Price of oil broke next record
Merkel called on to organize a meeting of Putin with leaders of European Union
World Central Banks will help in struggle for money of future
A new “Supercruster” Coronavirus
Zakharova declared new sanctions against Belarus by lawlessness
CB called to prepare for a new crisis
Banks wanted to prevent spending on ecosystems
Kazakhstan will introduce compulsory vaccination against Covid-19
Roscosmos on Milex-2021
United States worked out massive blows across Russia on exercises
WHO inspected production of “SHIPP V”
In United States declared “unusual demonstration of power” by Russia
German companies stated “North Stream-2” indispensable to Germany
Belorussia was announced by a springboard for battle for wealth of Russia
In US, they revealed “state” target of Navy of Russia in Pacific Ocean
Germany wanted to invest billions of euros
A typical victim of financial fraudsters is described
NASA teach astronauts to wash clothes in space
Development of electric vehicles in Russia rose by two times
Participants in contests “Your stroke” and “big change” on Eastern
In Russia, they to raise prices for sweet drinks
Ministry of Energy clarified situation with prices of aircraft
Germany: declared preparation for war with Russia
US Navy copied “The Best Fighter of Russia”
Lukashenko told NATO “Clashkin and Lias”
Novak instructed Ministry of Energy to estimate relevance of introduction of a ban on gasoline export
US answered Russia and China’s plans to get rid of dollar
Postprared of Russia with EU accused Europe in rewriting history of Second World War
Apple buried failed iPhone
UN has declared highest risk of nuclear weapons from Cold War
Estonia allowed entry for grafted “satellite V”
Reason for unpaid in time of accumulative part of Russian Russian
In US, they alarmed “destruction” of Russia of American aircraft carrier near Hawaii
Zakharova declared a condition for friends of Russia
American Google and Amazon giants prepared global problems
British Medic stated timing of re-vaccination
Baikonur began preparing Proton-M carrier missile
Wine Launcher 1.4.55 Update
Zakharova reproached Britain in “Sandage of censorship”
Russia will create an atomic “Gorgon”
Belorussia threatened world to problem due to sanctions
Russia wanted to change status quo in oil market
Main symptom of Covid-19 at graft
Number of Russian pensions
Lavrov explained security problems in Europe by NATO expansion
Foreign Ministry talked about work on implementation of agreements between Putin and Biden