Technology News

Weakened electronic music professionals
Kraftwerk’s minimalist electronics on rock night in Seine
In Chrome 106, support for Server Push technology will be discontinued
Sike selected Nist post -quantal cryptoalgorithm, was not protected from hacking on a regular computer
Distribution release 4Mlinux 40.0
High technology sector in Ukraine, between survival and innovation
Google published Cirq Turns 1.0 to develop quantum computers programs
Doglinux assembly update to check equipment
Semiconductors: Globalfoundries and Stmicroelectronics announce construction of a factory in Grenoble
AMD has opened implementation of FidelityFx Super Resolution 2.0 technology
Creator of Geckolinux presented new spiralinux distribution
Almalinux project has presented new Albs assembly system
Switzerland: airspace “closed until further notice” due to a computer failure
Release of Eurolinux 9.0 distribution compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
European Union voted in favor of a universal charger by fall 2024 for electronic devices
Lotus 1-2-3 ported for linux
Lyon: trial of computer spy to track down sources of a journalist
Eurolinux 8.6 distribution release, compatible with Rhel
Klaus Schulze, one of founding fathers of German electronic music, died
Almalinux 9 preliminary release based on Rhel 9 branch
Medicine: Despite a neurodegenerative disease, notice with an electronic implant
Available Okular GOST, PDF-viewer based on Okular with support for Russian electronic signatures
4mlinux 39.0 distribution
At trial of attacks of 13-November, garbagers, computer and plan of terror
Hyperbola 0.4 Linux-Distribution Issue, which began migration on OpenBSD technology
Available Almalinux distribution option for PowerPC architecture
Available DahliaOS 220222 operating system, combining Linux and Fuchsia technology
Police software once again paralyzed by computer bugs
Upgrading Doglinux assembly for equipment check 15 February
Calculated parameters of a quantum computer for hacking keys used in Bitcoin
Patrick Balkany again incarcerated after revocation of his placement under electronic bracelet
Brides Balkany: Justice revokes placement under electronic bracelet
RCCs have created test technology using digital twins
Developed programming language for quantum computers
Meta created most powerful supercomputer
Khrunichev Center for first time in a long time completed a year without debt obligations on rocket technology
Placement under electronic bracelet of Balkany revoked by justice after many “incidents”
One of main Portuguese press groups victim of a computer attack
BIOS update broke Dell computers
Development of technology of plasma pyrolysis of methane
Libya: a French company accused of having sold an electronic monitoring system at Marshal Haftar
Presidential election: No, government does not have to announce generalization of electronic voting
Apple will market spare parts and tools to repair its iphone yourself
RCS and Firm “1C” concluded a memorandum of cooperation in field of information technology
Available Almalinux 8.5 distribution, continuing CentOS 8
Release of a step-by-step computer game Rusted Ruins 0.11
A wooden model of first computer Apple could leave for over a million dollars at auction
France: concerned Russian complexes of radio electronic struggle