Technology News

Meta created most powerful supercomputer
Khrunichev Center for first time in a long time completed a year without debt obligations on rocket technology
Placement under electronic bracelet of Balkany revoked by justice after many “incidents”
One of main Portuguese press groups victim of a computer attack
BIOS update broke Dell computers
Development of technology of plasma pyrolysis of methane
Libya: a French company accused of having sold an electronic monitoring system at Marshal Haftar
Presidential election: No, government does not have to announce generalization of electronic voting
Apple will market spare parts and tools to repair its iphone yourself
RCS and Firm “1C” concluded a memorandum of cooperation in field of information technology
Available Almalinux 8.5 distribution, continuing CentOS 8
Release of a step-by-step computer game Rusted Ruins 0.11
A wooden model of first computer Apple could leave for over a million dollars at auction
France: concerned Russian complexes of radio electronic struggle
Iran: paralyzed service stations following a computer attack
Russia wanted to transfer Vietnam technology “satellite V”
Russia and Mexico agreed to transfer technology of “satellite V”
Apple forced to reduce production of iPhone 13 because of shortage of electronic chips
Shares of largest manufacturer of computers collapsed
“messenger” took part in Microelectronics Forum
Solid flight of health data from AP-HP: a computer hacker stopped
New Apple computers are declassified
Hundreds of unknown substances found in electronic cigarettes
Created to errands a quantum computer
Lack of workers struck electronics industry
Hackers hacked UN computers
Listed deficiencies of iphone
Upgrading Doglinux Assembly for equipment check
From electronic labor, some Russians began to disappear
Firefox 85 will switch to ECH to hide domain in HTTPS traffic
NMAP Security Scanner License Incompatible with Fedora
Linux Mint 20.1 Distribution Release
KDE Applications 20.12.1 released
PicoLibc 1.5 Standard C Library Release
Release of proprietary NVIDIA driver 460.32
GNU tar 1.33 release
Change of BIND DNS server release generation model. BIND 9.18 postponed to next year
Slacko Puppy 7.0 distribution released
Apple Reveals Kernel and System Components for macOS 11.0 “Big Sur”
PeerTube 3.0 Platform Release with Decentralized Streaming Support
Release of OpenZFS 2.0.1, ZFS implementation for Linux and FreeBSD
Leaked Nissan project source code due to admin / admin account
Gentoo drops support for LibreSSL in favor of OpenSSL and LibreTLS
Firefox 84.0.2 update with vulnerability fix
Wasmer 1.0, a toolkit for platform agnostic WebAssembly applications
GitHub lifted restrictions for Iranian developers
Renowned open source software developer appointed as CIO at White House
Chrome will start using HTTPS by default