Technology News

SyslinuxOS 12.1 Released for System Administrators
Tesla’s Dojo Supercomputer Boosts Residential Value by $500B
US Launches Latest Crossroad Supercomputer to Model Nuclear Tests
Moscow State University Unveils 400 Petflop Supercomputer for AI
Linux Nucleus Removes Selinux-NSA Connection
Tesla Unveils Supercomputer, Revolutionizing Game
Supercomputers Uncover Biophysics Secrets
Vlasiator Supercomputer Settles Scientists’ Cosmos Dispute
Quantum Avalanche Set to Revolutionize Microelectronics and Supercomputers
4Mlinux 43.0 Distribution Released
Chiters forcibly infect computers of Call of Duty players harmful
Cerebras Supercomputer Makes Big AI Leap
Tesla Launches Production of Dojo Supercomputer
Installation of Powerful Supercomputer Aurora Completed
Microsoft Makes Progress in Developing Quantum Supercomputer
Almalinux and Rocky Linux to Rebuild Processes with Restricted Access to RHEL SRC Packages
MIT computer model surpasses humans in predicting emotions
Quantum computer overtook supercomputer in calculation of physical task
Yekaterinburg computer clubs drive cryptocurrency profits for Moskvich
Apples M2 Ultra chip is computers strongest yet
Telegram vulnerability exposes Apple computer
Eurolinux 9.2 Distribution Compatible with RHEL
Doglinux Releases New Assembly for Equipment Check
4Mlinux 42.0 released
Google Unveils TPU V4 Supercomputer, Outshining Competitors
Microsoft built an expensive supercomputer for Openai on thousands of processors
Japan: supercomputer will be launched to predict storms for 12 hours ahead
“Scientists grow electrodes in living tissues: bioelectronics on threshold of revolution of treatment of neurological diseases
In United States created technology that allows you to gain text by power of thought
Supercomputer predicted prolonged drought in United States after 27 years
AMD published code of super -sealing technology Fidelityfx Super Resolution 2.2
FBI is investigating hack of its computer network
Pierre Palmade under house arrest under electronic bracelet
European justice provides victory to plant biotechnology industry
Man was detained in Tambov for creation and distribution of harmful computer programs
Tokyo police and Japanese companies are trained in fight against computer terrorism
Initial texts of Apple Lisa computer software environment have been published
Trojan horse: Data abductors penetrate computer with pirate software
College: new hour of support in 6th grade will be at expense of technology
Firmware vulnerabilities in Qualcomm Snapdragon allow you to control even computer turned off
Quantum computers can hack RSA shifting at any time
Method of hacking RSA-2048 keys is proposed on modern quantum computer
Several establishments evacuated after threats of attacks emanating from pirated electronic accounts
Death of composer Edouard Artemiev, master of electronics
Release of library of computer vision Opencv 4.7
Cern and Fermilab switch to use of Almalinux
Distribution release 4Mlinux 41.0
Eurolinux 9.1 distribution release, compatible with Rhel