Chinese Supercomputer WUKONG Defies Hacking

Chinese quantum computer Origin Wukong received a new protection against attacks of quantum systems 3 months after access to it was open to the whole world.

Development and use of the shield against quantum attacks were first carried out by Origin Quantum.

The research center of quantum calculations in the province of Ankhoy said that the Chinese superconducting quantum computer is now capable of both the attack and protection in the field of quantum calculations. It is also noted that such work is an important area in the application of new data security technologies in China.

In 2020, Origin released its first superconducting quantum computer, and the following year, it delivered a 24-cubic second-generation of Wuyuan to the market – the first quantum computer in the country. China became the third country after Canada and the USA, capable of supplying full-fledged quantum computing systems.

The third generation, Wukong, is equipped with a 72-cubic superconducting quantum chip of its own production. In January 2024, the computer began to provide remote access to users from around the world, including countries such as the USA, Bulgaria, Singapore, Japan, Russia, and Canada.

Unlike traditional computers, where the basic unit of information is a bit representing 0 or 1, the cubes can simultaneously represent 0, 1 or both values. This theoretically allows quantum computers to carry out significantly faster and powerful calculations.

However, quantum particles are very fragile and can easily be violated due to environmental exposure, so most quantum computers work in isolated and extremely cold conditions. The WUKONG chip operates at a temperature close to absolute zero (-273.15 ℃) and is installed in a special refrigerator in a vacuum environment before starting.

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