Live china updates

China threatened US nuclear strike in response to new Alliance
Detained in response to Arrest of Phonde Huawei Canadians went home
Huawei’s Phondrate Releaser was released from under home arrest
Pentagon: answered offer to expand contacts with Russia
In Germany, they recognized uselessness of sanctions against Russia
Prohibition of cryptocurrencies in China declared opportunity for United States
United States has declared readiness to transaction on release of Huawei Phondrate
Ruble retained positions to dollar
Bitcoin course collapsed
China has banned cryptocurrency
Beta release Ubuntu 21.10
United States to support nuclear testing treaty
Dangerous consequences of COVID-19
More than 30 million people lost home due to climate change
Created smallest aircraft in world
Main topics of discussion of heads of foreign policy Security Councils of UN
China declared an irresponsible creature of defense alliance Aukus led by United States
China voiced a new version of origin of COVID-19
Lithuania will direct Taiwan more than 200 thousand doses of vaccine from Covid-19
Opposition in Hong Kong received only one of 1.5 thousand places in electoral collegium
American pilots will prepare for war with Russia and China
Russian Foreign Ministry explained meeting with new Prime Minister of Afghanistan
American General told Russia main military threat to United States
Johnson and Biden agreed about approach to Russia and China
China promised never to attack other countries
Biden explained conditions of return to nuclear transaction with Iran
Oil recycling predicted collapse due to electric vehicles
Foreign Ministry confirmed meeting of Russian Special Representative with Taliban in Kabul
Philippines supported creation of a military alliance Aukus
New Kalashnikov machine rated in China
China’s authorities introduced restrictions in Harbin due to one case of COVID-19 infection
Place of Russia is defined in innovation world
Foreign Ministry of EU countries expressed solidarity with France in relation to United States
Bitcoin cost fell
US will introduce a requirement for complete vaccination for entering foreigners
USA was on verge of an economic catastrophe
US Air Force predicted disasters by 2035
China: admired elections to Russian State Duma
UN: called United States and China to abandon new Cold War
Eight people died in crash of passenger ship in China
Circumstances of conclusion of AUKUS agreement on submarines revealed
Latin America Wanted to merge on principle of European Union
Zakharova responded to US policy calls to boycott Olympiad in China
Pentagon rated military threats from Russia and China
Firefox conducts an experiment to use Bing Search Engine
Chinese economy predicted stagnation
World found a way to save Afghanistan
Biden instructed Kerry to meet Russia