Live china updates

Trump accused China in destruction of proof of COVID-19 leakage from laboratory
South Korea began confiscation cryptocurrency
In US, they revealed “state” target of Navy of Russia in Pacific Ocean
US answered Russia and China’s plans to get rid of dollar
China taxed Bitcoin 22 June
Trump offered to send patients with Covid-19 to prison in Cuba
Russia will create an atomic “Gorgon”
Ex-head of CIA compared Cold War of United States with USSR and China
Australia was caught in environmental sabotage
China wanted to fasten France in wine market
Bitcoin predicted another anti-record
China accused Bayden adviser in blackmail and intimidation
Employees NPCAP presented reports at International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems
Investigator of laboratory leakage of Covid-19 made disclosure of new facts
US threatened to China insulation
In United States, they declared most important achievements of China in space
Fee for reluctance to make green economy
US will bring part of troops from Middle East
China’s authorities pressed on a billionaire due to a suspicious poem
China mulling to completely remove birth restrictions
Acid makeup from 2000s again returned to fashion
United States recognized threat of Russian “ash”
Scientists have determined cause of premature aging
China to make money on Robotksa
Merkel’s successor declared impossibility of combating climate change without Russia
In US, they remembered “Greater Six” for victory over Russia
China chose a new victim after war with Alibaba
Congratulations to Roskosmos Kank with a successful launch
Hong Kong authorities recognized “satellite V”
China came up with way to reduce its production
China launched a ship with astronauts to orbital station under construction
Deadlines for construction of lunar station of Russia and China
China declared its willingness to confront United States and EU
China for first time declared a high level of radiation at Tanshhan NPP
Revelation about desire of United States to place fleet in Pacific Ocean
In universe found mysterious twisting
Russia has become one of main suppliers of Europe
IPhone found a secret function
Europe and United States to finish trading war
Virologist from Uhanny denied version of laboratory origin of Covid-19
US aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan” entered South China Sea
NATO has declared development of plans to counteract China
Biden declared attempt to Russia and China “Drive Wedge” between NATO allies
NATO will announce a single position in relation to China
Biden tried to rally leaders of G7 against Chinese influence
Nuclear powers increased number of nuclear warheads on combat duty
Belarus: warned about risks of new Cold War
NATO will revise strategic concept for response to Russia’s actions