Live china updates

At G7, Washington is launching a vast investment program supposed to thwart China
French growth should reach 2.3 % in 2022
Variole of monkey: 330 confirmed cases in France, WHO calls for all countries for transparency
After two years of postponement, COP15 on biodiversity will take place in December in Canada
Abeba, China offers its mediation for “disputes” in horn of Africa
Airbus A380 comes out a big winner of crisis
Cycling: COVVI-19 catches up with peloton of Tour de Switzerland
France: 2.0 telechat is growing
China launches “Fujian”, its third aircraft carrier
New deterrent part around Taiwan Strait
North Korea continues to strengthen its ballistic and nuclear arsenal
Despite record growth in renewables, “the energy transition does not take place”
Michelle Bachelet will leave her post at United Nations
Tennt dialogue between China and United States on Taiwan
China zero covid policy is expensive and random
Australia will pay 555 million euros to French industrial group Naval Group for breach of contract
Telecoms giant Ericsson targeted by a survey of American stock market gendarme for suspicions of corruption
Taiwan: China “will not hesitate to trigger a war” if island declares its independence
Legislative: when left fights for emancipation in France but endorses oppression elsewhere
Beijing and Phnom Penh confirm their cooperation on naval base of Ream
Nuclear: Iran summed up to respect its obligations
Exploration of Moon: France joins NASA program
Barely launched, “Summit of Americas” of Biden already shunned
Uncertainties on new giant particle accelerator
China sends three astronauts to its space station, which will now be permanently inhabited
Calls are multiplying for publication of a sensitive UN report on Uighurs
Oil: OPEC and its Russian ally decide to open valves a little
Reducing air pollution could also benefit from agricultural yields
For first time in twenty years, French diplomats called to strike
Washington and Taiwan Bravent Beijing and start commercial discussions
Release of DEEPIN 20.6 distribution, developing its own graphic environment
China: continuation of zero covid strategy implies a still reinforced social control
South Pacific refuses to link his destiny to Beijing
Taiwan: China war planes operate a new foray into island’s air defense area
Tobacco industry pinned by WHO for its environmental misdeeds
Xinjiang: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Criticism Beijing… diplomatically
Future leader of Hong Kong goes to Beijing to formalize his appointment
Unemployment: very slight increase in number of job seekers in April
Despite Chanel sales record in 2021, luxury sector plunges back into uncertainty
Suspected of corruption, a PJ of PJ of Lyon is innocent after four years of investigation
In Seoul and Tokyo, Joe Biden seeks to mobilize an anti -antichineois front
Air France-KLM launches its recapitalization
“A disaster and betrayal”: British evacuation of Afghanistan castigated by a parliamentary report
Commission suspends criteria of Maastricht a year more, until end of 2023
“Doctor Tedros”, charismatic face of World Health Organization, assured of his re -election
Joe Biden reiterates American commitment to defend Taiwan in event of Chinese aggression
Roland-Garros 2022: IGA Swiatek Experience, Naomi Osaka already left
Refound French cinema to save it