Live china updates

Japan and Netherlands at request of United States joined “chip” blockade of China
Czech Republic: with election of Petr Pavel, return of moderate proeuropian to presidency of country
COVID-19: France extends health controls imposed on Chinese travelers
Hopium hydrogen car at start -up
Haker from Holland sold personal data of almost all Austria citizens
France’s strategy in Indo-Pacific “little readable”, according to senators
China: opposite COVID-19, under-tension system
COVID-19: China announces fall of 80 % of daily deaths
Tesla announces record results in 2022 despite economic slowdown and difficulties
Japan: eight missing after sinking of cargo
Europe in face of shortage of drugs
At Tiktok, secret button can make viral video
Chinese hackers attacked European state institutions
China registered 13,000 dead at COVID-19 hospital in six days
Scientists have created biorobot from muscle tissue
South Korea abandons port of mask indoors, except in transport and hospitals
Iranian state institutions were attacked by improved backdor
From Benin to Egypt, China reaffirms its commitment to African countries
Netherlands refuse to accept American requirements to limit supply of equipment for production of chips
Chinese authorities are reaching out to real estate sector
Green technologies: “plan” of Ursula von der Leyen to win industrial battle
Sweden: discovery of deposit of rare earths arouses concern of indigenous populations
China no longer drew global growth in 2022
Nuclear: race against clock to build new reactors
Davos, end of globalization is in all heads
China will strengthen role of AI in military conflicts
Under pressure, China partially recognizes extent of deaths linked to last wave of COVID-19
Authorities recognize 60,000 deaths linked to COVVI-19 between December and January
0-Day Fortios’s vulnerability was used in attacks on government
Faced with COVVI-19 epidemic, Beijing “suggests” to control travel again in China
Discovery in Sweden of “largest known deposit” in rare land in Europe, according to mining group
Cookies: CNIL condemns Tiktok to fine of 5 million euros
At Tesla, sudden drop in price of cars
Iran: EU studies inscription of revolution guards on its list of terrorist entities
LC: more than 700 organizations are attacked by targeted groups of encryptions in 4th quarter of 2022
President of European Parliament wants to prohibit lobbying activities on MEPs after their
“The last conspiracy of Stalin”, on Public Senate: in cogs of case of white blouses
China wants better representation of Africa in international bodies
Cheffes of French and German diplomacy in Ethiopia to support peace in tiger
Fall of Li Hejun, former first fortune of China
United States and Japan strengthen its alliance against China
Human Rights Watch welcomes international mobilization against war in Ukraine but denounces “two
Consumption of liquefied natural gas explodes orders of Lightners
Tunisia attempted by rapprochement with China
Joe Biden does not “know what there is in documents” found in one of his former workplaces
Festival Les Défrelantes renounces to settle in Perpignan after threat of boycott of Indochina and Louise
World Bank is concerned about overall economic slowdown
Suppliers increase their pressure on businesses