Live ukraine updates

WhatsApp Vulnerability Allows Governments to Track User Correspondence
IPv6 Gains Popularity in Cloudflare Traffic
Anti -missile shield project launched by Berlin Far Farm Paris
Russia: CPI prosecutor investigates deportations of Ukrainian children
King Charles III chooses France and Germany for his first state visits abroad
Ales Bialiatski Colauréat of Nobel Peace Prize, sentenced to ten years in prison in Belarus
India: G20 trapped by its divisions on war in Ukraine
Pivot from South Korea to Japan upsets Chinese regime
Vega-C: part made in Ukraine behind failure of first commercial flight of rocket
War in Ukraine: Russia reports, for first time, to fight on its soil
Russia: drawing of child against war in Ukraine can lead his parents to police station
SpaceX rocket and members of CREW-6 mission took off towards ISS
Beijing, Belarusian leader Alexandre Loukachenko approves Chinese plan for “crisis
Scallops: against backdrop of war in Ukraine, Russian federation leaves Europe to relate to Asia
For reception of Ukrainians, French State spent 634 million euros in 2022
France garnered 58 billion euros in 2022 thanks to international tourism, record
Record profits from Canadian oil companies still delay energy transition
Germany: Chancellor Scholz called to keep his promises in terms of increasing army means
War in Ukraine: why “the speech of Patriarch Kirill radicalized over months”
G20 Finances fails to agree on Ukraine
War in Ukraine: five researchers deliver their prospects for evolution of conflict
Palmade affair: continuous fall
Kyiv, Ukrainian presidency famous “the year of invincibility” and predicts that of “inevitable victory
Ligue 1: Lille beats Brest in pain and temporarily resumes 5th place
“The war in Ukraine obliges left to decide if it continues or if it deny anti -fascist fight which
Russia: propaganda is mobilized to stir up hatred against “ukronazi” government
After year of war in Ukraine, diplomatic impasse at UN
Arrival in Vienna of six Russian parliamentarians, including five European under sanctions, is controversial at OSCE
Macron invites himself to Beauvau to talk about future of Corsica
La Poste recorded profit up 11 % in 2022, while distributing less packages and mail
War in Ukraine: Russia and China tighten their links even more
Year of war in Ukraine: moult of Ukrainian army outside Soviet fold
Ukraine: Putin promises his people “victory”, without defining contours
French schools faced with challenge of welcoming Ukrainian students
General Kyrylo Boudanov: “We are approaching end of war in Ukraine”
In United States, Joe Biden offers new restrictions for asylum seekers
War in Ukraine: hundreds of thousands of killed and wounded among soldiers of both camps
Warsaw, Joe Biden appears as defender of free world in speech with accents of Cold War
Vladimir Putin presents Russia as besieged fortress ready for long war
Sweden sinks into economic recession
Abidjan, Sébastien Lecornu welcomes “remarkable efforts” of Ivorian security apparatus
With work, Emmanuel Macron tries to turn pensions page
Paris 2024: country coalition requires “clarifications” in IOC on Russian file
Auchan in Russia: political and diplomatic reactions to “world” investigation
United States initiates strategy to oust Africa mercenaries of Wagner group
War in Ukraine, an unprecedented shock for energy system and accelerator of transition
Munich, allies of Ukraine want to relaunch production of ammunition
Year of war in Ukraine: no collapse, but an economic turning point for Europe