Live ukraine updates

EPR: Delay and additional cost for EDF reactors in United Kingdom
Eurovision Gloubi-Boulga, it may be a detail for you
A slip of George W. Bush describes invasion of Iraq “unjustified”
In North Sea, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Netherlands announce wanting to “multiply by four”
Defense: European Commission unveils its project to rearm continent
French military convoy blocked in Niger: causes of death of three demonstrators remain unknown
Strike in sight at Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ukraine: first Russian soldier tried for war crime pleaded guilty
A rain of incendiary bombs prohibited on Azovstal factory
Commission Battle Plan to make Europe Russian hydrocarbons
Valérie Pécresse wants to relaunch in her Ile-de-France region with a supporting plan for purchasing power
Very slight decline in number of unemployed in first trimester
Courses of wheat fly away on European market after ban on India to export
McDonald’s withdraws entirely from Russia
United States and European Union want to strengthen their cooperation in face of Russia
How choice of new Prime Minister has become a political problem for Emmanuel Macron
War in Ukraine: kyiv’s triumphal discourse comes up against limits on ground
Inflation up, less vigorous growth: European Commission revises its forecasts downwards
Cost of debt began to go back in 2021
Supported by a whole continent, Ukraine flies to Eurovision
Anatomy of terror in Damascus
Nuclear: “global warming highlights vulnerability of power plants to elevation
United States faced with a breeding of baby milk
War in Ukraine relaunches race for hypersonic weapons
Germany: Minister of Finance announces a “turning” of budgetary policy
Transnistry, an flammable flammable enclave
After record profits, SoftBank records a loss… Historic
Budget of armies: France must prepare to “make choices”, according to Court of Auditors
Help from Washington to Ukraine: American military industry fears overheating
United Kingdom signs a defense agreement with Sweden and Finland
In front of French students, Volodymyr Zelensky greets “the energy” of youth of Ukraine
War in Ukraine: inventiveness of kyiv’s army against Russian firepower
GPA: Ukrainian surrogate mothers give birth in France, an association seizes justice
Macron and Europe, audacity of power
Eutelsat defends his neutrality in broadcast of Russian television channels
Zimbabwe: government under fire for criticism for suspending bank credit
9-May: President Zelensky makes link between victory over Nazism
Queen Elizabeth I misses for first time in almost sixty years discourse of throne in United Kingdom
Vienna: invective and nationalism at commemorations of 9-May
Europe at several speeds, European political community: “Strasbourg oath” of Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron: Ukraine is “a member of heart of our Europe”, but not EU before “decades”
“War is a bad alibi to continue to bet on fossil fuels”
Vladimir Putin isolated for ceremonies of 9-May
With acquisition by American billionaires, a new era for Chelsea football club
Ukraine: a commemoration of 8-May “in darkness”, according to President Zelensky
No European consensus for a Russian oil embargo
Finland wants NATO membership process to be “fastest possible”
Marine Le Pen launches her legislative campaign in Hénin-Beaumont and targets Jean-Luc Mélenchon