Live ukraine updates

GitHub has published statistics for 2021
Ukraine, at heart of a dialogue of deaf between Paris and Moscow
Mali: European Union prepares sanctions against Russian group Wagner
Between Paris and Moscow, knife reunions drawn
Georgia: treatment of former President Mikheil Saakashvili raises anxiety
Belarus: Moscow promises that gas deliveries to Europe will continue despite threats of Minsk
COP26: About 40 countries are committed to speeding up their release of coal
Biden called on Germany to fulfill data of Ukraine on gas promise
At trial of murder of Mireille Knoll, memory of a woman “bubbly” and “not suspicious”
Back to Ukraine Crimea Treasures: Russia launches investigation to assess its prejudice
In NPM package UAPARSER.JS, numbering 8 million downloads per week, malicious software has been introduced
Russia freezes its mission with NATO on espionage business background
Georgia: Thousands of support in Mikheil Saakashvili show in streets of Tbilisi
Faced with energy crisis and in Moscow, Ukraine claims support of European Union
Foreign special services executed and arrested dozens of agents of CIA
Rançongicials: a man arrested during a police operation in Ukraine
80 years old Efim Leonidovich Mezhiritsky
Ukraine: truck failed to fountain
Employees NPCAP presented reports at International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems
Ukraine: two children locked in apartment got into window and asked for help
Bodies of four people found in an abandoned well in Ukraine
Montenegro: opposed citizenship for Russians
Russia responded to invitation of Ukraine to summit on Crimea
Ukraine to purchase Chinese Covid-19 vaccine
Ukraine has limited gas supplies to Europe
Kolesnikova was “romantically” convoyed by night train to Minsk jail
Ukrainian police have created a group to steal cables of state special communications
An explosion in a kindergarten thundered in Ukraine
Ukraine invited Russia to summit on Crimea
Parliament saw intention of Cabinet of Ministers to “drown” Ukrainian citizens in debt
Former Prime Minister of Ukraine explained plans to kill Yanukovych in 2014
USA wanted to reconcile Ukrainians
Two children injured in a grenade explosion in Ukraine
Zelensky suspected of being vaccinated with Sputnik V
Ukrainian nationalists were offended by Polish ambassador because of words about Bandera
Ukraine called on to reevaluate Euromaidan after storming of Capitol
Ukraine: protesters blocked highway due to rising gas prices
Ukraine has confirmed filing of an application for registration of a Russian vaccine
Zelensky explained goals of strict quarantine in Ukraine
Ukraine’s SBI is interested in “secret vaccination” against COVID-19
Tough lockdown started in Ukraine
Onishchenko reveals future of WHO’s decision on origin of coronavirus in China
Zelenskiy calls riots in Washington unprecedented violence
Ukrainian police started checking rumors about clandestine VIP vaccinations
Ukrainian nationalist said about demoralized military
Secret VIP vaccination against COVID-19 confirmed in Ukrainian clinic
UK loosened sanctions against Crimea
Zelenskiy reacted to rumors of clandestine vaccinations of officials