Live ukraine updates

Joe Biden justifies strengthening of military aid in Ukraine but refutes wanting a war with Russia
Moscow patriarchy minimizes will of independence of Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Despite reluctance of Hungary, European Union agrees on a Russian oil embargo
After death of a French journalist, emotion at BFM-TV and opening an investigation for “war crimes”
New French Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna, is a surprise visit to kyiv
Three months after start of war in Ukraine, Denmark voted on its participation in European Defense
War in Ukraine: “We produce wheat, but it cannot leave country”
G7 ministers snatch advances for climate
United States: Between denial and weapon worship, Republicans in front of Killer of Uvalde
Unemployment: very slight increase in number of job seekers in April
Legislative elections 2022: complicated parachuting of candidate Blanquer in Loiret
Behind hacking of emails of pro-Brexit activists, a group of Russian hackers
Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk at Cannes Film Festival: “If we do not resist Russian attacks
RATP: After RER B, strike will be extended to RER A Saturday, final day of Champions League
“We face a risk of disappearance of our professional diplomacy”
Ukrainian humor in wartime put in spotlight by “Charlie Hebdo”
Germany: turn of rigor is confirmed
On tour in Africa, Olaf Scholz struggles to hide differences on war in Ukraine
European Commission proposes to confiscate assets of Russian oligarchs which violate sanctions
Russia: justice has confirmed condemnation of opponent Alexei Navalny to nine years in prison
NGO Transparency France files a complaint in case of assets of Russian oligarchs in France
In Seoul and Tokyo, Joe Biden seeks to mobilize an anti -antichineois front
War in Ukraine: on Donbass front, a flood of fire and a Russian army that advances at all costs
Commission suspends criteria of Maastricht a year more, until end of 2023
“Protectionism is not a solution to food shortage”
Joe Biden reiterates American commitment to defend Taiwan in event of Chinese aggression
War in Ukraine: first Russian soldier tried for war crime was sentenced to life prison
Kyiv tracks and its allies to break Russian sea blockade
Joe Biden warns that United States will militarily defend Taiwan in event of an invasion by China
More than 100 million people in force in world according to UN
Cannes 2022: “Mariupolis 2”, life under bombs in Ukraine, filmed by Mantas Kvedaravicius
Russia proclaims its victory in Marioupol
Wimbledon ready to become a simple gala tournament, to have excluded Russian and Belarusian players
Germany tests monthly ticket at 9 euros for public transport
Germany: Gerhard Schröder Private office at Bundestag
Tanks, weak link in Russian army
EPR: Delay and additional cost for EDF reactors in United Kingdom
Eurovision Gloubi-Boulga, it may be a detail for you
A slip of George W. Bush describes invasion of Iraq “unjustified”
In North Sea, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Netherlands announce wanting to “multiply by four”
Defense: European Commission unveils its project to rearm continent
French military convoy blocked in Niger: causes of death of three demonstrators remain unknown
Strike in sight at Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ukraine: first Russian soldier tried for war crime pleaded guilty
A rain of incendiary bombs prohibited on Azovstal factory
Commission Battle Plan to make Europe Russian hydrocarbons
Valérie Pécresse wants to relaunch in her Ile-de-France region with a supporting plan for purchasing power
Very slight decline in number of unemployed in first trimester