Live ukraine updates

Honduras: halftone assessment of President Xiomara Castro
Bakhmout with White Angels, to exfiltrate Ukrainian civilians far from front
BNP Paribas garnered 10.2 billion euros in net profits in 2022
France’s trade deficit almost doubled in 2022 and reached 164 billion euros
War in Ukraine: Russian army painfully takes up initiative
War in Ukraine: to weaken Putin, Europe banish Russian diesel
France: Russian diesel embargo maintains pressure on prices at pump
An aperitif with Serge Tisseron: “I go to bed late to play” Assassin’s Creed “”
Anthony Blinken postpones his visit to China, Beijing “regrets” “involuntary” entry of machine on
Stalingrad, Vladimir Putin summons memory of German tanks
Emmanuel Macron brings together advice to keep nuclear recovery “CAP”
Membership of Ukraine to European Union: Ursula von der Leyen at maneuver
Paris 2024: impossible “neutrality” of Russian athletes at Olympics
Olympic Games of Paris 2024 under “credible” threat of boycott from Ukraine
Kyiv’s long path to European membership
Emmanuel Macron receives Benyamin Netanyahu to speak Iran and Israeli-Palestinian violence
Representatives of European Union in kyiv to give prospects to Ukraine
Climate transition: EU reveals its defense plan in face of Joe Biden’s measures
France organizes its military support in Ukraine over time
“Dear friends, don’t be afraid of direct confrontation with Russia. He is already there”
War in Ukraine: France will provide 12 new Caesar kyiv guns
2022: wind and solar produced more electricity than gas or coal within union
France and Australia want to turn page on Aukus crisis
French growth 2022: companies have resisted, but inflation assigned households
Liberia: President Weah announces his candidacy for his re -election
Josep Borrell: “Wagner in Africa has become Praetorian Guard of Military Dictatorships”
Two strikes target military site in Ispahan and an Iranian convoy in Syria
War in Ukraine: for some kyiv allies, delivery of fighter planes “is no longer taboo”
Anti -Semitic temptation of Russian diplomacy
Iran: Tehran announces that it has pushed drone attack on military site in center of country
Czech Republic: with election of Petr Pavel, return of moderate proeuropian to presidency of country
Petr Pavel, former NATO general, wins presidential election in Czech Republic
Tennis: sacred to Australian Open, first double title for Aryna Sabalenka
Figure skating: Frenchman Adam Siao Him Fa Sacred European Champion
Between support for Ukraine and risks climbing with Russia, Crete line of Westerners
Asylum applications in France and expulsion of growing foreigners in 2022
JO of Paris 2024: Anne Hidalgo favorable to participation of Russians under neutral banner
Germany sees risk of an economic recession away
War in Ukraine: by announcing sending of tanks to kyiv, Joe Biden favors unity with Europeans
War in Ukraine: why France hesitates to deliver Leclerc tanks to kyiv
Russia is not invited to anniversary of Liberation of Auschwitz
In Burkina Faso, new warning to France
West is resolved to deliver heavy tanks to Ukraine
Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelensky displays his battle against corruption to reassure population and
“The only credible alternative to maintenance of Western aid is, as it stands, surrender of kyiv”
La Berlinale unveils 18 films in competition
War in Ukraine: corruption cases shake government of Volodymyr Zelensky
Russian army at time of disciplinary recovery