Live ukraine updates

Federation Council explained finding of head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in service of nationalists
Poroshenko called himself author of special operation against Russians in Minsk
Poklonskaya proposed to start negotiations with Ukraine on water supply to Crimea
Ukrainian Boeing shot down: Iran to pay $ 150,000 to each family of 176 victims
Poklonskaya called UN statement on Crimea “bullshit”
Zelensky bans Russian courts from walking on rivers of Ukraine
Ukraine: standoff between President Zelensky and Constitutional Court
Zakharova reacted to Kiev’s threat to turn Crimea into a “hellish” topic
Pushkov responded to Kiev’s threat to turn Crimea into a “hellish” topic
Turkey explained unwillingness to recognize Crimea as Russian
General dismissed by Zelensky said about drop in morale in Ukrainian army
Ukraine to buy Chinese Covid-19 vaccine
Ministry of Health of Ukraine announced full readiness for vaccination against coronavirus
Families of those killed in crash of Ukrainian Boeing will pay 150 thousand dollars
Ukrainian Foreign Minister saw “Moscow’s hand” in relations between Kiev and Budapest
Ukraine announced its readiness to sue Iran over downed Boeing
Moscow assessed threats of Kiev as a “hellish” scenario in Crimea
Zelenskiy was not on list of New Year’s greetings from Putin
Ukraine threatened Russia with a “hellish” scenario in Crimea in 2021
“People’s Embassy” of Belarus in Germany began to issue passports
Kiev threatened Budapest because of support of Hungarians in Transcarpathia
Pushkov responded to Ukrainian minister who called vaccine a hybrid weapon
Zelensky dismissed head of Constitutional Court of Ukraine
Writers’ Union of Ukraine will stop publishing authors from Russia and Belarus
LPR accused Kiev of placing armored vehicles on contact line
Ukraine asked Bosnia to hand over icon donated to Lavrov for examination
Head of DPR named number of residents of Donbass with Russian passports
Ukraine calls Russian coronavirus vaccine hybrid weapon
DPR head explained Kiev’s attempts to return Donbass
Ukraine: a former deputy tried to order murder of his opponents
Stoltenberg revealed possibility of holding a meeting of Russia-NATO Council
Ukraine named number of residents of Donbass who received Russian passports
Former mayor of Kharkiv calls US embassy real power in Ukraine
Ukrainian court arrested property of leader of “Party of Hungarians”
In Russia armed with missiles firing “almost to Bosphorus”
Ukraine canceled preferential electricity tariff for population
Ukraine has sold US “installed” on Russian ships radar
They wanted to put a Ukrainian in prison for a hat with earflaps with Soviet symbols
Ukraine: rejection of Russian vaccine was considered a “planned extermination of people”
Ukraine explained transformation of Zelensky into Poroshenko
Constitutional Court of Ukraine found it impossible to remove its chairman
Ukrainians appreciate similarity of foreign leaders to Grinch – stolen of Christmas
Place of celebration of New Year of Zelensky family has been
Ukraine named a possible date for negotiations in “Normandy format”
Ukraine: called timing of return to normal life after pandemic
SBU disclosed foreign citizenship to almost 300 officials in a year
Ukrainian Foreign Minister assessed influence of West on Belarusian protests
Head of Constitutional Court of Ukraine was suspected of bribing a witness