Totalnergies achieved more than 19 billion euros in profit in 2022, most important in its history

Without the accounting losses linked to its withdrawal from Russia, the adjusted net profit of the company climbs to 33.7 billion euros.

mo12345lemonde with AFP

The Totalnergies French Petrogazier group announced, Wednesday, January 8, a net profit of $ 20.5 billion (19.1 billion euros) for the year 2022, up 28 % compared to 2021. This is the most important benefit ever made by the French Major and one of the best in the history of the CAC 40.

Without the accounting losses linked to its withdrawal from Russia, for an amount of nearly $ 15 billion, the adjusted net profit from the company (which excludes exceptional items) amounts to $ 36.2 billion .

At the end of January, the CEO of Totalenergies, Patrick Pouyanné, had announced that the group would pay more than 2 billion euros of “solidarity contribution on the profits of energy groups”, in the European Union and UK. “Refining has lost money for years, and now the year we are starting to earn money, it is surcharged like a superprofit, when it is only a profit,” he had regretted. The manager also said that his group would pay “$ 33 billion” in taxes and taxes around the world in 2022. “We are in the ten biggest contributors to the world,” he said.

The European Commission had made it known, at the end of September, that it wanted to claim a “temporary solidarity contribution” from producers and distributors of gas, coal and petroleum which make massive profits thanks to the outbreak of Courses caused by war in Ukraine. It must be set at 33 % of the share of superprofits of 2022, that is to say higher profits of more than 20 % to the average of the years 2019-2021, while taking into account the measures taken by the states taxing Already these benefits. France transposed it in its 2023 budget.

The Commission has taken care not to use the word “tax”, because any new tax provision on a European scale would have required the unanimity of the twenty-seven, more complicated and risky procedure than an adoption by majority qualified.

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