Live india updates

WHO warned about emergence of new strains of Covid-19
In United States, kidnapper was arrested by almost 20 tons of pistachios
India’s authorities warned about danger of a new strain COVID-19 “Delta Plus”
Russia will create an atomic “Gorgon”
Rockefellers and IKEA to lead development of “green” energy
Indian Prime Minister stated yoga shield against Covid-19
Double mustache became a trend in men
Fee for reluctance to make green economy
New symptoms of Indian strain COVID-19
In United States will release coins with famous women
First case of disease “Green Moldy” was revealed in India
Unique underwater artifacts of ancient Indians
African country covered “diamond” fever
Completion of Second Day GLEX
Psychologists have told advantage of grumpy husbands high earnings
Nuclear powers increased number of nuclear warheads on combat duty
A third of dead from Indian strain COVID-19 in UK was vaccinated
Belarus: warned about risks of new Cold War
Glavkosmos and NPP “Star” discussed opportunities for cooperation in sale of commercial flights
Scientists warned about changing common symptoms of COVID-19
US Court forbade forbidden to forgive debts in black
Death toll from Coronavirus since beginning of year exceeded indicators of total 2020
Roscosmos continues monitoring 11 June
Indian Covid-19 strain began to lead to gangrene
WHO predicted spread of a more infectious strain of Covid-19 in Europe
Popular coffee network stay left without cups and syrups
Heat turned out to be useless in containment of Covid-19
Recognized existence of fifth ocean on Earth
Rector of HSE declared cause of poverty in Russia
Continues monitoring zones of emergency
Six teenagers died and dozens were injured in a fire in children’s detention
India: improvement of men’s emission is improved
WHO demanded to share vaccines from Covid-19 with poor countries
Mexican fell ill “black mold” and was threatened by removal of eye
China broke a record for creating a thermonuclear reactor
Indian Ocean was on verge of a disaster due to a sinking vessel with acid
Amazonian tribe has discovered secret of slow motion aging
In WHO, they talked about causing strains of Covid-19
Canada predicted new mass children’s burials
New bodies of victims of Coronavirus caught from Ganges
Iran has gathered dramatically increase oil production
Remains of 215 children discovered on territory of former boarding school in Canada
A new strain of Covid-19 appeared in Asian country
Woman lured into ambulance with food and raped
Nature of an abnormal object be disclosed outside Milky Way
Indians secretly married quarantine and broke law
Roscosmos continues to monitor emergency
Sony will release uncharted on PC