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Vangelis, composer of “Blade Runner” bands and “fire trolleys
Pollution is responsible for 9 million deaths each year worldwide
Courses of wheat fly away on European market after ban on India to export
Tennis: Iga Swiatek wins a fifth tournament in a row after his victory in Rome
Ten new Catholic “holy”, including Charles de Foucault, proclaimed by Pope Francis
Up to 50 ° C in places: Pakistan remains crushed by a suffocating heat wave
In Sri Lanka, new Prime Minister is already disputed
GPA: Ukrainian surrogate mothers give birth in France, an association seizes justice
Sri Lanka plunges in chaos
First electoral setback for British conservatives after “partygate”
India: a police officer, accused of rape of a teenager who was complaining about collective rape, was arrested
War in Ukraine: European Union is struggling to set up an embargo on Russian oil
Record heat strike India
Production of user shell Unity 7.6.0
United States brings together around sixty countries in a coalition against “rise in authoritarianism
Climate change will speed up viral transmissions between species
“For Elon Musk, changing Twitter radically will be difficult”
Climate: most intense tropical cyclones should be at least twice as frequent by 2050
Indonesia: palm oil crisis causes a stir
At Cannes Film Festival, Vincent Lindon will chair a perfectly joint jury
Vincent Lindon will be president of jury of Cannes Film Festival
United Nations adopts obligation to justify any veto on background of Russian blocking on Ukraine
Climate change: “In 2027, will there be something Macron something like a remorse
Presidential Results 2022: Marine Le Pen largely at Antilles and Guiana
Slow conversion of scooter to electric mobility
Presidential 2022: French overseas and abroad have begun to vote
New Issue Silence Synthesis System System
Sri Lanka sinks into an unprecedented political and economic crisis
In United States, facing conservative revolution, Democrats organize resistance
Floods in South Africa: “We have nowhere to go”, poorest hard hit
India: Hindu religious holidays lead to a breach of violence against Muslims
Confinement of Shanghai more and more expensive for China
Presidential 2022: At meeting, Jean Castex calls for “general mobilization” for second round
Flood record in South Africa is now at 341 dead
Chlordecone Scandal: West Indians fear a “denial of justice”
Midst: Sri Lankan government resigns
Medvedev, wounded, “probably absent one to two months” tennis tournaments
War in Ukraine: between China and EU, summit of disagreement
Historical Excuses of Canada Aboriginal Pope
Qatar, an alternative gas supplier, but only in medium term
Music: Charli XCX, Between Delights Underground and Commercial Ambition
War in Ukraine: Lebanon multiplies contacts to escape a wheat crisis
Back from Ukraine, a French neonazi activist arrested and indicted
Injured at a coast, Rafael Nadal will be absent “four to six weeks”
Madagascar: deprived petanque players of international competitions for one year
Parents of Danish Siddiqui, photographer of Reuters killed in Afghanistan, seize International Criminal Court
Tennis: Fritz drops Nadal and offers himself most beautiful title of his career in Indian Wells
Anti-Covid-19 vaccines: WTO greets a “step forward” towards lifting of patents