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Asian NATO countries to cooperate in space, cybersecurity and 5G
Die in lawyers Gangsters killed in courtroom of boss mafia
Thousands of inhabitants left city in Myanmar because of fights between junta and dissidents
Taliban forbidden to broadcast game of cricket because of women in stadium
Proved extinction of dinosaurs from fall of asteroid
US will introduce a requirement for complete vaccination for entering foreigners
American biologists described evolution of Covid-19
Circumstances of conclusion of AUKUS agreement on submarines revealed
Biden instructed Kerry to meet Russia
Leaders of SCO countries adopted a joint declaration
Shares of “aircraft” soared before a major transaction
Largest nuclear powers agreed not to arrange battles on borders
Google employees rebelled against unequal wages
China fully vaccinated more than a billion people
Rescue explained operation in New York after attack on twin towers
India: invented a way to deal with poverty in a new way
Reveal danger of a new deadly Indian virus
BRICS countries pointed to unequal access to COVID-19 vaccines in world
Taliban froze bank accounts of former Afghan officials
Russia wanted to buy more gas
Explained distribution of “Delta” -Shtamma Covid-19
Soviet floating tanks will receive a new life
In India, they recorded an outbreak of killing up to 75 percent of ill virus
Chinese tanks will be a threat to Russian T-90
India: a boy died due to outbreak of a dangerous virus
Taliban postponed announcement of composition of new government of Afghanistan
United States has disagreements with a key ally on Afghanistan
Poland explained Japan’s access to Russian Su-30 data
Afghanistan: domestic flights will resume
Poland compared SU-57 and F-35 and told about “flying coffins”
Triumph Taliban in Afghanistan strengthened tension between two nuclear powers
India has gathered to overtake everyone for growth of economy
In India, they disclosed likely cause of an unknown death fever
Conclusion of US troops from Afghanistan intensified terrorists in Kashmir
12 children died in India from an unknown virus in India
WHO announced introduction of almost five billion doses of vaccine from Covid-19
First launch of Vostok-2M carrier missile
80 years since birth of cosmonaut Yuri Vasilyevich Malysheva
Head of WHO called on to prepare for a new pandemic in fall
Russia will sell “repellent patrol” and “Palm”
In world they made five billion vaccinations from Covid-19
Coronavirus pandemic led hundred hundred thousand babies to death
Russia saw in new tax of Europe insurmountable barriers
Afghanistan vice president urged not to turn country to Talibanistan
India: dozens of believers voluntarily threw each other with stones and suffered
Czech Republic excluded Russia from list of countries with extreme risk on COVID-19
UK: called to cooperate with Russia on situation in Afghanistan
Taliban kidnapped about 150 Indians in Kabul