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Death of Sacheen Littlefeather, Amerindian actress who had refused an Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando
Japan: national funeral of Shinzo Abe organized against backdrop of massive disputes
European Union has failed to end illicit fishing
OECD revives its forecasts for global growth
In United Nations Tribune, Pakistani Prime Minister denounces effects of climate change on
To UN Security Council, Russia alone against all
Between France and Madagascar, list of litigation is lengthening against a background of Russian interference
Colombia: natives occupy “ancestral lands”
Antonio Guterres pleads to tax profits in fossil fuels to finance impacts
Crash in 2009 in Comoros: company Yemenia Airways sentenced to maximum fine
A journey of discoveries through Parisian galleries
Elizabeth II: Queen of decolonization, monarch allowed London to keep her influence
Malaria: results of a vaccine arouse hope of a massive deployment
Liz Truss, British Prime Minister, appoints a government of faithful
Since invasion of Ukraine, Russia has earned 158 billion euros thanks to its hydrocarbon exports
Ubuntu Unity will receive status of official edition of Ubuntu
Human rights, intimate and Philippe Sands
COVID-19: In United States, life expectancy continued to fall in 2021
Brazil: death of “hole Indian”, last survivor of native people Tanaru
Seventy-five years after independence, ideals of Indian Republic are in danger
Reunion: partial opening of new coastal route
What was religion of Slavs before their conversion to Christianity?
Pakistan: monsoon causes more than 1,000 dead and destroys a million houses
Pakistan: monsoon rains of exceptional intensity have killed more than 900 people from start
Gérald Darmanin wants military supervision for delinquent minors in overseas territories
Mayotte: Gérald Darmanin continues his offensive on immigration
Death of Anshu Jain, former co -president of Deutsche Bank
Controversial stopover of a Chinese surveillance ship in Sri Lanka
In west of United States, drought close to “point of no return”
“Terror begins but does not end”: literary world reacts to attack suffered by Salman Rushdie
A Chinese research ship has arrived in Sri Lanka, India and United States fear activities
Venezuela: start of military games with friends from Russia
Billionaire Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, nicknamed “The Warren Buffet of India”, died
Attack on Salman Rushdie: to face obscurantism
Stay a novelist, at all costs: Salman Rushdie, portrait of a resistant writer
Disney+ attracted more than 14 million additional subscribers in spring of 2022
At Locarno film festival, chills under heat wave
Antony Blinken begins his African tour with South Africa and Soweto
Bollywood actor photos put India in turmoil
Sébastien Raoult case: who are shinyhuters, these cybercriminals specialized in flight and sale
Air Austral rescue, a very political mission
At Villa Medici, a tapestry from colonial era is controversial
War in Ukraine: death sentence that embarrasses Morocco
A Chinese rocket has disintegrated above Indian Ocean, US military announces
“Rosy”, on Canal+ Cinema: a moving initiatory journey to relearn how to love each other
An aboriginal elected to presidency of India
Aboriginal peoples: “In Canada, Pope Francis faces a very painful heritage, with persistent effects”
Succession of Boris Johnson: young conservative activists rather favorable to Liz Truss