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Armament giants spared by CVIV-19 economic crisis
Lavrov flew to India
India: military mistakenly shot civilians
In United States, appreciated benefits of placing C-500 in Belarus
Active monitoring of emergencies on Earth continues
In world made more than eight billion vaccinations from COVID-19
Covid-19: Facing Omicron Variant, meeting strengthens its border controls
China predicted world domination in green energy
Trying to knock door door a soldier bouncer policeman
Lavrov said confrontational schemes of United States to contain other countries
Himalayas: conflict extends between India and China
Oil prices collapsed
Roskomos continues monitoring emergency on planet
A high gradé of Chinese public security enters Interpol
US asked Russia to help in saving economy
World predicted significant excess oil due to United States
Russia accused of manipulating global oil and gas market
Attempts by United States to reduce oil prices said “Drops in sea”
China and Russia not invited to Summit for Democracy organized by United States
Japan Following United States announced sale of a part of oil state survey
Biden stated perpetrators of gasoline prices in US
American analyst appreciated idea of Byyden on production of oil from Prestraist US
Oil prices soared after US attempt and China reduce them
Oil: United States draws on their strategic reserves to try to lower prices
State Duma explained production of oil from US strategic reserves
US and China went against OPEC and Russia
Disclosed details of largest international transaction “Kalashnikov”
US persuaded world to reduce oil prices
Su-35 fighter found additional radars
Kama-Sutra or position abuse
Rogozin explained anticipate weapons of Russia and pre-bank of war in space
Factory acceptance tests of KE SUZ for power unit №3 Kudankulam NPP
Mayotte: tap water discouraged for children under 4 years of age due to excess manganese
Biden pardoned turkey jelly and peanut butter
Protesters farmers forced prime minister of India to cancel new laws
India: renouncing its agricultural reform, Narendra Modi gives for first time during a social conflict
Face wrath of farmers, India decides to repeal agricultural reform laws
Proved exceptional use of masks in fight against Covid-19
In United States lacked criterion for success of Russian Su-75
European Commission proposes to prohibit importation of products contributing to deforestation
Indian spacecraft escaped a strike with American
GitHub has published statistics for 2021
Yannick Jadot: “The COP26 is a political failure”
Pollution: New Delhi closes schools until further notice
Defined leaders of secret exports from Russia
Russia experienced antisiparted weapons in space
Desire to save planet hit coal companies
COP 26: China gap between its commitments for climate and its dependence of coal