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South Africa will send more than 100 cheetahs to India to reintroduce species
France’s strategy in Indo-Pacific “little readable”, according to senators
India police told 5G threat to security
India develops mobile platform BHAROS based on Android
United States: classified documents found in former vice-president Mike Pence
India said State of Emergency in country due to BBC documentary
India blocks BBC documentary involving Narendra Modi
More than half of world’s population suffered from Internet locks in 2022
To save its economy, Pakistan reaches out to its Indian rival
Martinique: quest for new flag sows discord
Green technologies: “plan” of Ursula von der Leyen to win industrial battle
After crash of an airplane in Nepal, air -security again implicated
After dismissal rendered, Minister responsible for overseas recognizes “humiliation” suffered by Antilles
LC: more than 700 organizations are attacked by targeted groups of encryptions in 4th quarter of 2022
Cyberpank in Indian: Rats-Koborgi can replenish ranks of special services of India
China wants better representation of Africa in international bodies
US may prohibit import of Apple Watch due to patent violation
Totalnergies announces commissioning of largest French Biogaz factory
Unification of Indians seeks renaming Apache projects
Consumption of liquefied natural gas explodes orders of Lightners
Peru: clashes between demonstrators and police died 12
Gilberto Gil and opera, bet won
Canada is hosting record number of immigrants
India relies on “blue economy” to satisfy its considerable needs of rare metals
First transgender person executed in United States
Death of Dorothy Iannone, artist and pioneer of feminist struggle
Cybercriminals will rejuvenate on Indians who leave complaints in social networks
United States envisages entry restrictions to travelers arriving from China “to protect people
2fa will not save from this: cybercriminals attack Indian officials
Saturnales in “undefeated sun”: what Christmas owes to pagan rites
Paracetamol, amoxicillin: shortages of pediatric drugs worry professionals
After nineteen years in jails of Kathmandu, Nepal, “snake” will be released
Loss of Vega C, severe failure for spatial Europe
Netherlands: apologies of Mark Rutte for slavery
Concerns after validation of expulsions of asylum seekers to Rwanda by British High
Caroline Guiela Nguyen named at head of Strasbourg National Theater
Héloïse Fayet: “There is stagnation of strategic thought of France in Middle East”
2022: series bent under weight of past
Ireland: Leo Varadkar appointed Prime Minister
COP15, idea of creating fund to finance biodiversity divides negotiators
Office slang: “frugal innovation”, when system D becomes plan a
Chlordecone: demonstration in Martinique against dismissal required by Paris prosecutor’s office
Antoine Lilti: “pluralizing lights is very condition of their universalization”
Beat your own, so that strangers are afraid: Cloudsek claims that its systems were hacked by another ib companion
Death of Dominique Lapierre, adventurer and author of successful historical frescoes
European Union’s embargo on Russian crude oil comes into force
Writer Dominique Lapierre, author of “La Cité de la Joy”, is dead
Release of Openindiana distribution 2022.10, continuing development of Openslaris