Indian Politicians Reveal Cyber Attacks on Smartphones

In India, multiple opposition politicians report attempt to hack their smartphones

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Several opposition politicians in India have reported an alleged attempt to hack their smartphones, with Apple devices being targeted. The news was reported by the Russian news agency TASS.

Among the victims of these reported cyber attacks is Shashi Tharur, a representative of the Indian National Congress. Tharur took to social media, sharing screenshots of Apple notifications that indicated attempts to remotely hack his iPhone. According to Tharur, the motive behind the attack is believed to be harassment orchestrated by his political rivals from the ruling Indian People’s Party. The screenshots were posted on the former Twitter account of Tharur.

It has come to light that at least eight opposition politicians received similar notifications from Apple regarding attempted hacking. Some of them openly accused the government and the ruling party of engaging in these hacking attempts.

Apple, however, has stated that they do not attribute these attacks to any specific country and cautioned that such notifications can sometimes be erroneous. Ashvini Vaishnav, the Minister of Electronics and Information Technologies representing the ruling party, expressed concern at the allegations made by the opposition politicians. Vaishnav assured the public that an investigation would be conducted, and Apple might be involved in the process.

These incidents have occurred just six months ahead of the general elections slated for spring 2024. The upcoming elections could decide the fate of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and potentially secure his third term in office. In the summer of 2023, the main opposition parties formed a coalition to collectively challenge the ruling party’s authority.

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