Live iran updates

Huawei’s Phondrate Releaser was released from under home arrest
Huawei Phondractor made it possible to avoid extradition in USA
United States has declared readiness to transaction on release of Huawei Phondrate
Main topics of discussion of heads of foreign policy Security Councils of UN
Israel accused Iranian president in lies and cynicism
Biden explained conditions of return to nuclear transaction with Iran
Lithuania accused Belorussia in preparation of new routes of illegal migration in EU
In United States declared readiness to discuss return to nuclear transaction with Iran
In North Korea, criticized transfer of Australia atomic submarines
Details of murder of Iranian nuclear physics of Israeli intelligence
President Iran commented on country’s entry into SCO
World found a way to save Afghanistan
Czy Jinpin called on SCO to help Afghanistan in recovery
In Russia, they appreciated possibility of turning Australia into a nuclear power
China called on United States to take responsibility for restoration of Afghanistan
Belarus abolished visa for a number of countries
Revelation about significant strengthening of Israeli Fleet in Red Sea
Iran approved Russian vaccine from Coronavirus “Satellite Light”
A probable deadline for Iran nuclear bomb
It became aware of Russia’s role in defusing situation with Iranian nuclear deal
Pre-flight preparation of Soyuz MS-20 ship began on Baikonur
Plans of Iran on a nuclear transaction revealed
In United States doubted intentions of Iran to resume a nuclear deal
Taliban cut off from connection of Tajik districts of Kabul
Revelation about plans to include Iran into SCO
Biden suspected Russia and China in agreements with Taliban
Taliban sent American military equipment to US enemies
Share of US sanctions against other countries for cooperation with Russia was rated
Desire to find perfect body and save money killed a woman
Pilotable ship “Union MS-20” went to Baikonur
Eight people suffered when attacking airport in Saudi Arabia
American generals declared “US Weakness in Afghanistan” and Russian Winning
Pakistani border guards shot three Afghan refugees
British Defense Minister called on Afghans to escape from country through Iran and Pakistan
Neighbors of Afghanistan asked Russia to sell them weapons
Growing in Afghanistan Minister for Women’s Affairs Canada stated Taliban brothers
Bitcoin appeared “Green” competitor
Germany will provide Afghanistan 100 million euros
Network hit cadres of bullying over prisoners in Iranian prison
France: commented question of recognition of Taliban
In United States declared victory of Russia in Afghanistan
Afghanistan president hit hospital
Foreign Ministry commented on fears of European Union because of Russia’s influence on Afghanistan
State Department called on Iran to abandon nuclear development and return to CVPD
Analyst stated growth factors for oil prices
Germany: a woman was killed “for honor”
Taliban took control of almost all of Afghanistan
Russia rejected accusations of interference in internal affairs of United States