Live iran updates

Attempted diversion is revealed in organization of atomic energy Iran
Russia will create an atomic “Gorgon”
Oil predicted rapid growth up to 100 dollars
US promised to continue negotiations with Iran on a nuclear transaction
US will bring part of troops from Middle East
Doctors debunked myth about salvation of men from allergies using sex
Cost of Cherchesov’s watches has become known
US: Iran’s attacks were frightened with help of a Russian satellite
Heat turned out to be useless in containment of Covid-19
State Duma offered to use cryptocurrency to circumvent sanctions
Frenchman complained about terrible problems with Russia due to US sanctions
Two Iranian ships went to United States to transmit “power signal”
In State Duma, explained conclusion of dollar from main Russian “Cubia”
Largest warship of Iran Potonul
Germany finished with production of uranium
Price of oil record took off
World oil prices set a record
US sold oil captured in Iran
Iran has gathered dramatically increase oil production
Lavrov explained elapses erected by Europe
Economist predicted oil prices in 2021
US reported on import of oil from Iran
Personal aircraft Nikolae Cheresska left hammer
Russia saw deficit in oil market
France: Russia said “a very aggressive rival”
Gazprom wondered to build gas pipelines to India and Japan
Blinken stated goal of United States in relations with Russia
Roscosmos approved crews of ISS until 2023
In Central Bank, they talked about actions of Russia in case of disconnection from SWIFT
Iran prepared for removal of US sanctions
Appeared Details of elimination of Suleymani
Iranian Foreign Minister canceled a visit to Austria because of flag of Israel
United States has declared topics of meeting of Lavrov and Blink
Britain accused Russia to undermining democracy actions in cyberspace
US Navy opened a preventive shooting in Indian Ocean
US Secretary of State recognized Washington’s subversive actions
In United States allowed a return to a nuclear transaction with Iran
Leader of Iran condemned words of Zarif about Suleymani and Russia
State Department denied data on agreement of United States and Iran on exchange of detainees
US and Iran agreed to exchange detainees
US worked out by Russian microelectronics
United States has prepared to cancel tough sanctions against Iran
In Iran, they told about “coarse and non-diplomatic language” in conversations with Lavrov
Iran declared resetting conditions to a nuclear transaction with United States
United States estimated likelihood of returning to a nuclear transaction with Iran
IAEA confirmed uranium enrichment to 60 percent in Iran
Iran revealed explosion detail on nuclear facility
Iran rated his ability to create nuclear weapons