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Iran: guide Ali Khamenei comes out of his silence to support repression
Bankruptcy of polls is also work of a “sabotage” organized at top of State
Demonstrations in Iran: first reactions of Ayatollah Khamenei after three weeks of silence
Paris: thousands of people demonstrate for Iranians
Pope Francis’ dialogues with Islam
“The Iranian antitchador revolt returns left to a question that continues to fracture it”
Iraq: in Baghdad, thousands of demonstrators commemorate 2019 uprising
By bombing its Kurdish opponents, Iran has carried out largest operation in Iraq in ten years
Iran: national football team supports demonstrators and rises against power
Alençon: new urban violence broke out in Persian district
Iran: Mahsa Amini’s family files a complaint against “authors” of arrest of their daughter
“In Iran, a wall has cracked, but I don’t know how long it will take before it collapses”
Iran leads strikes in Iraqi Kurdistan, where support for demonstrations
Uprising of youth in Iran continues, despite a severe repression
Since death of Mahsa Amini in Iran, dozens of deaths and more than 700 people arrested
Energy: “Liquefied natural gas has become strategic for Europeans”
Paris: tear gas used to prevent demonstrators from reaching Iranian embassy
Death of Mahsa Amini in Iran: reformers claim end of compulsory port of veil
Natural gas: Totalnergies will participate in financing of a gas field in Qatar
In United Nations Tribune, Pakistani Prime Minister denounces effects of climate change on
War in Ukraine: nearly fifty people die every day, according to Volodymyr Zelensky
Iran: at least 50 dead in repressed demonstrations, according to NGO Iran Human Rights
Iran: United States will raise certain trade prohibitions to facilitate internet access
Iran: a repression behind closed doors
Death of Mahsa Amini in Iran: 11 dead in six days of demonstrations
Death of Mahsa Amini in Iran: “The Iranian authorities are in an impasse”
Iran: protests after death of Mahsa Amini continue; two demonstrators killed on Wednesday
“upheavals”: François Hollande draws a disturbing diagnosis of etiolation of democracies
Iran: anger grew up after death of Mahsa Amini, which has become symbol of brutality of regime
Iran before International Court of Justice to recover its frozen assets in United States
Iran: death of a young woman arrested by moral police arouses protests
Moscow and kyiv turn to suppliers of unexpected weapons
Political crisis plunges Iraq into violence
Iraq: a second day of clashes between rival Shiite organizations
Moqtada al-Sadr announces its “final withdrawal” of policy
Russia opposes adoption of a text on nuclear disarmament to UN
Anna Wintour’s sunglasses, armor all seasons of fashion of fashion
Monkey’s smallpox: number of cases drops in Europe
Syria: United States announced that they have responded to rocket fire
Iraq: a battle for state control
Shiite piety mobilized in Iraq against Iran
Man who stabbed Salman Rushdie said he was “surprised” that author survived
Turkey and Israel seal their reconciliation after years of blurring
Attack on Rushdie: suspect Hadi Matar, an American-Lebanese obsessed with Iranian Revolution
Venezuela: start of military games with friends from Russia
“Satanic verses”: a fatwa with multiple victims
Locarno: a list haunted by violence
Salman Rushdie: Iran “categorically” denies any link with aggressor