Live iran updates

Oslo: 24 hours after killing, gay district refuses to go out
Three continents of Russian strategy
Iran: middle class mistreated by rampant inflation
Damascus airport stopped by an Israeli attack
Attempts to cross English Channel by migrants are up sharply in first half
A new stable version of Miranda NG 0.96.1 has been released
Pegasus: White House “worried” with a takeover project of NSO Group by an American company
British government sees its first flight from asylum seekers to canceled Rwanda, for lack of passengers
United Kingdom: cancellation of flight supposed to expel migrants to Rwanda
Mobilization in United Kingdom against shipments of asylum seekers in Rwanda
Israel calls on his nationals to leave Turkey fearing Iranian attacks
British justice authorizes expulsion of asylum seekers to Rwanda
Nuclear: Iran summed up to respect its obligations
Iran: derailment of a train is at least seventeen dead
Iranian director Asghar Farhadi and his film “A hero” at heart of a plagiarism accusation
Israel and United Arab Emirates seal their rapprochement by a free trade agreement
Football: Welsh Dragons deprive Ukrainians of World Cup in Qatar
Ayatollah Khamenei accuses Western “enemy” of using demonstrations in Iran to “hit”
Truce with a correct renewed Yemen despite disagreement
Yemen: three French companies targeted by a complaint for “complicity in war crimes”
Angela Merkel condemns “the war of barbaric aggression waged by Russia” without making mea culpa
Iran: collapse of a building in Abadan arouses anger
Iran seizes two Greek oils in waters of Gulf
Cannes 2022: a draft list to close an official competition open to evils of world
Iran: shadow of Israel hovers on assassination of a high ranking
“Protectionism is not a solution to food shortage”
Canada banish Huawei from 5G network
Iran confirms arrest of two French
Being a detail for you … Riri, Nono and Manu
Mohammed Ben Zayed, officially president of United Arab Emirates
Iran: arrest of two French teachers, a sign of rise in social tensions in country
Paris asks for “immediate liberation” of two French people arrested in Iran
Death of Francis Cornu, former journalist for “world”
Issue Kubernetes 1.24, control system control systems of isolated containers
“A humanitarian military operation of Westerners in Black Sea could avoid global famine”
GitHub updated rules regarding trade sanctions
Vincent Lindon will be president of jury of Cannes Film Festival
American Kenneth Roth will leave management of Human Rights Watch
London has signed an agreement with Kigali to send asylum seekers to Rwanda
“Faced with inflation, most important thing is to maintain political cohesion”
Yemen: a truce revives hope of peace
Anthony Blinken visits Morocco to fortify a regional security partnership
Conflict in Ukraine, revealing discord between United States and Saudi camp
Antony Blinken in Israel for a “historic” summit
Yemen: Saudi raids despite announcement of a temporary truce by hush rebels
Formula 1: Large price on in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia: Houthist rebels claim a series of attacks against oil industry
Saudi Arabia: Houthist rebels attack Aramco’s oil installation