Iran Joins Russia in Cyberism Combat

Iran and Russia Approve Cooperation in Information Security

The Islamic Council of Iran (Medzhlis) has approved the content of the report of the Parliamentary Commission on National Security and Foreign Policy regarding an agreement on cooperation between Iran and Russia in the field of information security, according to a report from the Irna Agency.

The agreement, which is comprised of an introduction, 9 articles, and one application, has been granted approval and is now set to be implemented by exchanging official documents between the Governments of Iran and Russia.

The report on this bill by the Parliamentary Commission on National Security and Foreign Policy was included in the agenda and received overwhelming support from 180 deputies, with 27 voting against it.

Prior to the vote, Abolfazl Amui, the representative of the Commission, defended the bill by highlighting the multifaceted nature of Iran-Russia relations. He emphasized that the agreement on information security will contribute to enhancing these bilateral ties. He also expressed optimism about the successful implementation of existing agreements between the two countries in areas such as culture, transit, and trade, and expressed a hopeful outlook for further cooperation in the field of information security.

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