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Taliban demanded from ex-president of Afghanistan to return exported money
In France, they were arrested by killing his Italian niece Pakistan
In France considered it necessary to stay in NATO
Zakharova stated “Moral humiliation” for France, creating an alliance Aukus
Israel accused Iranian president in lies and cynicism
Escaped Afghan president accused of breaking a truce with Taliban
British prime minister revealed number of his children
Foreign Ministry of EU countries expressed solidarity with France in relation to United States
British prime minister stated reason for record increase in gas prices
France opposed negotiations of European Union with Australia on Free Trade
Prime Minister Australia announced a gap with France’s national interests
British Prime Minister admitted love to France
Russia and France will create a working group on solving a dispute about champagne
In European Parliament found France by another “second rank” for United States
Crisis between France and United States will affect fate of NATO
France declared a crisis in relations with United States
In Guinea, they did not want to let go of overthrown president from country
Australia reacted to decision of France to withdraw ambassador
France: a decision considered a slap Australian submarines
France to withdraw ambassadors from USA and Australia
In US, they explained issues to contract between France and Australia
28 children suffered with a bus in France
On streets of France will be more police officers
Trump appreciated likelihood of participation in presidential race words “No choice”
Racists desecrated statue of black slave in France
Candidates for presidential elections in France revealed
US: predicted outcome of war between Russia and France
France accused Taliban in lies and refused to recognize their government
In Union of winemakers rated reports on start of supply of champagne from France
Ex-chapter of Ministry of Health of France will be judged due to Covid-19 pandemic
TV presenter Popova equated to ex-president of Trump
In France, they declared a serious weakening of Biden’s positions
Sber will credit presidential payments for military pensioners and give discounts
Rebels in Guinea told about state of captured president of country
Convicted ex-president South Africa freed from punishment
In United States, they talked about threatening French president of three crises
Zakharov commented on surveillance of Czech special services for president
Candidate of Estonian president promised to pull Russian language for conversation with Putin
France and Britain will encourage UN to create a “security zone” in Kabul
France pushes ahead with Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple tax
Saudi Arabia and Israel move closer to making peace
Ukraine outlines how it can join NATO
Revelation: Trump sought to strike on Iran nuclear facility
Macron sees UN Security Council as useless
More than 1,000 people detained at rallies in Belarus
Trump claims “gruesome election irregularities” and threatens major lawsuits
Relations between Moldova and Russia are predicted in case of victory of oppositionist
Trump was caught ignoring fight against coronavirus