Politics News

China Unveils Largest Quantum Computing Chip
Microsoft’s Quantum Computing Advances: Practical Supercomputer Applications Near
Quera Computing to Launch Most Powerful Quantum Computer in History
Branoware: Brain Tissue as Basis for New Computing System
Brain Learns World Like Certain Computing Models
New Material Boosts Computing Power & Memory
IPhone Sales Suspended in France Due to High Level of Radiation
Crow Joins Kvanta Board, Elevating Chess as Key to Future Computing
China Programs Path to Economic Dominance in Computing
Mozilla Opposes Internet Censorship Bill in France
MIT Develops Superconducting Device for Radical Power Reduction in Computing
France Accuses Social Networks of Inciting Riots, Imposes Tough Sanctions
France Boosts Internet Child Protection
France’s Largest University Subjected to Cyber Attacks, Impairs Internal Systems
India to Lead in Quantum Computing by 2031
NVIDIA: Cryptocurrencies Unprofitable for AI Computing
Virginie Efira succeeds Emmanuel Macron on set of “Papotin Meetings”, on France 2
Six European countries, including France, say their opposition to “progression of colonization” by Israel
King Charles III chooses France and Germany for his first state visits abroad
President Macron visited in Angola, new “pivot” of France in Africa
Ary Chalus, president of Guadeloupe region, referred to criminal court
FIFA denies any interest in possible sale of Stade de France
Four people, suspected of stealing elderly people across France and Europe, arrested
Burkina denounces military agreement of 1961 with France
“disenchanted” Nigeria, new president Tinubu promises to be “a just leader”
SNCF obtains first batch of ter Open to competition by Hauts-de-France region
Turkey: Recep Tayyip Erdogan maintains date of presidential and legislative elections
France: nearly 157 tonnes of drugs entered in 2022, including 27 tonnes of cocaine
Nuclear: France and ten other countries want to relaunch Europe from atom
Ruben Östlund appointed president of jury of 2023 Cannes festival
On way to presidential election, governor of Florida Ron Desantis collects new victory in
France garnered 58 billion euros in 2022 thanks to international tourism, record
Venezuela: presidential campaign opens against background of social protest
Six nations 2022 tournament: victorious against Scotland, XV of France adapts and relaunches
Six nations tournament, France-Scotland: big trip of Yoram Moefana
Six nations tournament, France-Scotland: Finn Russell, Leader with two faces
Six nations tournament, France-Scotland: Blues want to bounce back after Irish failure
American presidential election: Joe Biden confirms wanting to be candidate for second term, but not immediately
Clothing: Burton of London is starting to close stores in France, 221 threatened jobs
Saad Lamjarred sentenced in France to six years in prison for aggravated rape
Work remains more taxed than capital in France, despite Macron’s promise to fight against “rent”
Jeff Bezos decorated by Emmanuel Macron: legion of honor strongly criticized by elected officials of rebellious France
Public health France: for new director Caroline Sémaille, return to port
Bow and arrows were already used in France 54,000 years ago
Peru: ex-president Alejandro Toledo will be able to be extradited from United States for trial for corruption
Violence at Stade de France: differences of views among rapporteurs
Tunisia: president orders expulsion of highest placed European Union union manager
Football: Blue won largely against Uruguay at France Tournament