“disenchanted” Nigeria, new president Tinubu promises to be “a just leader”

The participation rate in the general elections has barely reached 27 % of the 93 million voters called in the ballot box.

by Liza Fabbian (lagos, correspondence)

Despite the enthusiastic mobilization of youth in favor of an alternative to the traditional political class, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, 70, the candidate for the Congress of Progressives (APC, outgoing majority), won the presidential election in Nigeria, announced on Wednesday 1 er March, the independent national electoral commission (INEC). The new president took “[his] round” at the head of the country, according to the expression he had himself used in June 2022. Considered the “godfather” of Nigerian policy, Mr. Tinubu was elected With 8,794,726 votes (35 % of the vote), ahead of Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), who garnered 6,984,520 votes (28 %). As for the third man in the campaign, the outsider Peter Obi, who represented the Labor Party (LP), he gathered 6,101,533 of voters (24 %).

The presidential election took place on February 25 in a relative calm, but the multiple logistical incidents which punctuated the voting and counting operations of voices fed the concerns about possible manipulations. Even before the proclamation of the results, the opposition had denounced “massive” fraud.

As soon as his victory was announced, Mr. Tinubu was unusual. He promised to be “a fair leader” and stretched out his criticisms as well as a youth eager for change, who had mobilized around the candidacy of the “third man”, Peter Obi. “I am aware that for many of you, Nigeria has become a place of permanent challenges which limits your ability to imagine a bright future,” said the new head of state. “I have heard from you, I understand your pain, your hopes for better governance, a functional economy and a safe nation that will protect you and protect your future,” promised Mr. Tinubu, who invites Nigerians “to work together” To “advance the country.”

“Fine strategist”

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is “everything except a hesitant or accidental president, but someone very prepared for power”, insists Olutayo Adesina, history teacher at the University of Ibadan. For years, the former governor of Lagos (between 1999 and 2007) patiently consolidated his networks, and built a colossal fortune, originally controversial. “Fine strategist”, “outstanding negotiator”, this Muslim Yoruba is known for his flair, which has enabled him to identify and push the career of many politicians, who are lifelong to him.

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