Science News

Assembly of hull of vacuum unit for testing Orel spacecraft is nearing completion
Kim Jong-un announced plans of North Korea to improve nuclear weapons
Redness of tongue turned out to be a symptom of a dangerous disease
Expert called updates capable of killing smartphone
In Wuhan predicted a new epidemic of coronavirus
Doctors admit possibility of need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 every six months
Scientists have found signs of a chronic disease in coronavirus
Space Forces conducted more than 500 thousand sessions of spacecraft control
Cancer-Preventing Drink Revealed
Anniversary of pilot-cosmonaut of Russian Federation Talgat Musabayev
Non-obvious signs of a heart attack
List of Russian applications for pre-installation on gadgets has been approved
Scientists have named another non-obvious symptom of cancer
Effect of coronavirus on brain and nervous system worries scientists
Results of work of ISS Reshetnev in 2020
“Sarmat” called Russia’s message to Biden
Expert explained risks of using wireless headphones
Pentagon assessed significance of missile treaty between Russia and United States
Spectrum-RG saw an event of tidal destruction of a star by a black hole
Lice remedy appears to reduce risk of hospitalization with coronavirus
Possible “portals” to distant regions of Universe have been found in space
Psychologist lists signs of painful smartphone addiction
Russian immunologists questioned possibility of re-infection with COVID-19
A device that detects coronavirus in ten seconds is created
Astronomical calendar for January 2021
Military expert predicted return of Russian nuclear trains
About 60% of satellites are under control of Space Forces
Psychologists assessed impact of cats on work of owners at a distance
Scientists have found a link between timing of sex and longevity of men
UK states failure of its newest aircraft carrier
1985 – decision to create “Mir”
Tsiolkovsky: construction of 5 houses for employees of Vostochny continues
United States postponed mass production of F-35 indefinitely
First interplanetary – Luna-1
Future of smartphones in 2021 revealed
Scientists have found a link between COVID-19 and cerebrovascular damage
7 cosmonauts and astronauts first met New Year
Rogozin nailed nonsense version about involvement of robot “Fedor” in crack on ISS
Rogozin named reasons for crack on ISS
Dmitry Rogozin wished ISS crew a Happy New Year
Roscosmos and ESA speak same language
New Year greetings to ISS-64 crew from Cosmonaut Training Center
RCC “Progress” won competition for development of a technical design for a space rocket complex LV STK
Cooperation with Gazprom in development and use of satellite systems
Astronauts on ISS were left without New Year’s gifts
Rogozin explained plans of Roscosmos to explore Moon and deep space
Samsung has opened a pre-order Galaxy S21
Space New Year events at Sirius Center