Kim Jong-un announced plans of North Korea to improve nuclear weapons

The leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un announced the country’s plans to improve nuclear weapons … His words are reported by The Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CCA) .

According to the head of the DPRK, the development of weapons is necessary in order to contain and control the military threat on the Korean Peninsula. In particular, Kim Jong-un called for the improvement of nuclear technology, reducing the size and weight, increasing the strategic power of nuclear weapons, as well as developing universal strategic weapons for different objects and purposes.

In October, Kim Jong-un appeared at the military parade in Pyongyang, dedicated to 75th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Labor Party of Korea (TPK). It showed new weapons, including missile and artillery systems. It was monitored by US and South Korean intelligence services. Also among the weapons was demonstrated the 22-meter Hwaseong-15 intercontinental missile, capable of reaching US territory. Her successful weapon tests took place three years ago.