Live mexica updates

Pegasus: in Mexico, new victims of spy software despite promises of power
“Food is not trivial, it is simply a need”: Sophia
“The army knows it”: in Mexico, thousands of demonstrators ask for justice for “43” of Ayotzinapa
Mexico acts militarization of public security
Formula 1: Max Verstappen flirts Belgian Grand Prix and increases his lead at top of championship
Mexico: eight years after disappearance of 43 students, former prosecutor general arrested
Survey on students who have disappeared in Mexico: former general prosecutor arrested
Mexico: ten minors stuck underground for several days
Canada: Pope Francis’s “penitential pilgrimage” reveals his declining health
United States demanded extradition of “Narco des Narcos”, arrested in Mexico
Mexico: arrest of one of most sought after drug traffickers
“The world in a painting, Velazquez pepper”, a spicy documentary on Arte
Ex-president Echeverria, prosecuted for “dirty war” against opponents of Mexico,
Formula 1: Carlos Sainz won his first victory after a hectic Great Britain Grand Prix
How Nestlé tried to put pressure on policy of fighting overweight in Mexico
United States: at least 40 dead discovered in a truck in Texas
Mexico: thirteen dead in a shooting between police and members of a cartel
Boxing: Beterbiev inflicts a correction on Smith and unifies titles in semi-heavy
Statue of a Mayan God of corn discovered in Mexico
United States: Republican and Democrats senators find a minimalist firearms
Barely launched, “Summit of Americas” of Biden already shunned
A caravan of several thousand migrants left Mexico to United States
Paris: soon two vegetarian meals per week in municipal canteens
“I’m going to shoot a primary school”: in Uvalde, story of a sadly classic American massacre
America in shock from a new killing in a school, in Texas
Texas: a shooting in a school left several dead, including at least fourteen children
Biden administration forced to maintain restrictions on border migrants
United States faced with a breeding of baby milk
Vaquita’s survival is in our hands
United States: White House has a new face
Mexico wants to associate United States with its development plan in Central America to fight against
At Cannes Film Festival, Vincent Lindon will chair a perfectly joint jury
Cochared by Ukraine, Joe Biden seeks to take home indoor
Mexico: President Lopez Obrador continues his term after a referendum to very low participation
Formula 1: Large price on in Saudi Arabia
Mutipoping of journalist killings tends relations between Mexico, Washington and EU
Mexico: “gray house” of son of “Amlo” raises suspicions of conflict of interest
Mexican President promises a “zero impunity” after assassination of a journalist, fifth this year
Prison with reprieve in “Ripoux” case of police of stains bin
Mexico: An Assassinated Journalist in Tijuana
Mexico: a photoreporter murdered a week after murder of a former journalist
French brand Sézane apologizes for a video in Mexico with a zapotec woman
Guatemala: intercepted a plane with ton cocaine
Peter Bogdanovich, American director of “The last sitting”, died at age of 82
Joe Biden asks Supreme Court to end anti-immigration policy set up by Donald Trump
Biden wanted to roll another anti-imaging practice of TRAMP
Mexico to stop exporting oil
Mexico: Supreme Court orders maintenance of referendum on revocation of presidential term