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Invisible Army FIN7: 4,000 Hosts, Billions Lost
Theory of Warp Engineer Challenged
FIN7 Strikes Auto Industry with Advanced Attack Chain, Introduces Backdor Anunak
Tax Evader in Mexico Faces Data Loss Penalty
Mexican Firms with $100M Income Increasingly Targeted by Allakore Rat
Mexican Hacker Snatches €350K from Global Banking Users
Fin7 Hackers Return with New Clop Ransomware
FIN7 hackers exploit Veeam vulnerability to steal data
Ex-Conti hackers collaborate with Fin7, spread malicious Domino
La Berlinale, Nicolas Philibert receives Golden Bear for his documentary “On Adamant”
Migrants: point of passage between United States and Canada arouses increasingly lively friction
Investigation was completed in Revil group
United States: video of fatal arrest of Tyre Nichols relaunches debate on police violence
Colombian drug dealer Otoniel pleads guilty to American justice
La Berlinale unveils 18 films in competition
Pegasus, Israel and massacre of Mexican students
World Cup 2022: FIFA opens procedures against Argentina and Croatia
“United States – Mexico: at foot of wall” on France 2, border, concrete and tears
Joe Biden does not “know what there is in documents” found in one of his former workplaces
Migration and fentanyl at center of meeting between Biden and “Amlo” in Mexico City
Son of “El Chapo” Guzman arrested second time in Mexico: “Amlo” takes revenge
Mexico: one of sons of famous drug trafficker “El Chapo” was arrested
TSE Chi Lop, accused of being one of Asia’s largest drug traffickers, was extradited to Australia
Week plunging Peru into political chaos
On Netflix, dark and sweet “pinocchio” of Guillermo del Toro
Former Peruvian president Pedro Castillo requests asylum in Mexico
Forbes told how police uses media system for espionage
2022 World Cup: Before “their” 2026 World Cup, United States took lead in North American football
2022 World Cup: Argentina and Poland qualified for round of 16 after crazy evening
Venezuela: After “partial agreement” between power and opposition, United States alleys oil embargo
Midterms 2022: Latin vote has not changed in favor of Republicans
Researchers found connections between Black Basta and Fin7 hackers
Ecuador: authorities establish an emergency state after an outbreak of violence linked to cartels
Formula 1: Verstappen wins in Mexico his 14th victory of season, a record
Mexico, first official candidate for organization of 2036 summer Olympic Games
Mexican drug traffickers “El Chapo” requests cancellation of his sentence to American justice
A former icon of drug trafficking in Mexico claims royalties in Netflix
Armies of Chile, Mexico, Salvador, Peru and Colombia have undergone a gigantic computer piracy
Pegasus: in Mexico, new victims of spy software despite promises of power
“Food is not trivial, it is simply a need”: Sophia
“The army knows it”: in Mexico, thousands of demonstrators ask for justice for “43” of Ayotzinapa
Mexico acts militarization of public security
Formula 1: Max Verstappen flirts Belgian Grand Prix and increases his lead at top of championship
Mexico: eight years after disappearance of 43 students, former prosecutor general arrested
Survey on students who have disappeared in Mexico: former general prosecutor arrested
Mexico: ten minors stuck underground for several days
Canada: Pope Francis’s “penitential pilgrimage” reveals his declining health