Live mexica updates

Glavkosmos present possibilities of Russian space industry FAMEX-2021
Gay Games in Hong Kong moved due to Pandemic COVID-19
Rapper lied tens of gold chains instead of hair
14 people became victims of severe rainfall in Pakistan
Number of victims of hurricane “Ida” in United States exceeded 80
More than 30 thousand people were injured in Mexico due to flooding
USA’s plan for oil production collided with reorganization
Mask approached richest man of world
Father shot children from fear of turning them into monsters
Mexico will begin to produce “Satellite V”
Roscosmos and Mexican SpaceJltz discussed prospects for cooperation
54-year-old Salma Hayek revealed truth about his chest
Unknowns killed and hanged on Troy Mexicans
Mexican fell ill “black mold” and was threatened by removal of eye
Runged Italian “cocaine king” arrested in Brazil
In appearance Kendall Jenner in advertising Tequila saw an insult of whole people
President Mexico apologized for mass killings of Chinese
Spacex will launch StarShip into orbit around Earth
SuperJet 100 found a buyer in Africa
In United States predicted rise in gasoline prices after “attack of Russian hackers”
President Mexico brought official apologies to people of Maya
A large batch of methamphetamine disguised as cucumbers
Anomalous drought turned lake into dusty plains
Wounded in illegal crossing of border of United States Russian recognized
Trump said inhuman politics by Bayden on migrants
Hondurana Carriers of fake “satellite V” disappeared in Mexico
Bidenu advised “raise ass” and urgently solve important questions
Biden promised to let migrants from Mexico to USA
Biden plans to change Trump’s immigration policy
Biden stops deportation of illegal migrants
Mexico wanted to purchase millions of doses of Russian vaccine
Trump first appears in public after storming of Capitol and blocking of social networks
Figure of 54-year-old Salma Hayek in photo in a swimsuit again surprised fans
A pioneer in Latin America, Mexico bans genetically modified corn and glyphosate
Miss Mexico member dies under mysterious circumstances
Doctor in Greece admitted to intensive care after being vaccinated with Pfizer for COVID-19
A married bricklayer made a tunnel from his house to house of his mistress and was caught
Figure of 54-year-old Salma Hayek in photo in a bikini surprised fans
2020: 50 journalists were killed around world, majority in countries at peace
Guinness World Records Russian sumo wrestler dies at 21
Biden pledges to lift Trump’s restrictions on migrants
Angler caught world’s largest sea bass
New victims of mass ritual murder discovered
Madonna’s daughter in a bikini criticized for unshaven armpits on vacation with her boyfriend
Mexican police bought software to sell cartels and spy on journalists
Child found alive in morgue dies after five weeks
Trade war was called a boon
Remains of more than 100 people found in a mass grave in Mexico