Mexican Firms with $100M Income Increasingly Targeted by Allakore Rat

Mexican companies with an annual income exceeding $100 million are being warned of the heightened risk of cyber attacks. Experts at BlackBerry have uncovered that criminals are utilizing the Allakore Rat malware to pilfer bank accounting data and unique authentication information.

These attacks, aimed at achieving financial gain, have persisted for over two years and show no signs of diminishing. Researchers have observed the unwavering interest of attackers in targeting large companies.

The tactics employed to spread Allakore Rat include targeted fingering through Spear-Phishing and similar forms of attack. Attackers take advantage of various methods such as loading through advertising, floating frames, or malicious scripts embedded in websites. Moreover, they exploit vulnerabilities in browsers or plugins, such as Flash or Java, to surreptitiously install malicious software without the user’s knowledge.

The primary objective of these cyber assaults is to steal personal data, banking information, install spy programs, or engage in other illicit activities.

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