World News

In United States, a woman was executed in federal prison for first time in almost 70 years
Zelensky suspected of being vaccinated with Sputnik V
Russians were named a way to get rid of telephone advertising
Trump’s likely defenders named in case of impeachment proceedings
Russia has tightened control over cash transactions
Russia introduced a new fine for motorists
New “South African” strain of coronavirus reaches Canada
Russians threw a child out of a window during a fire
Clinton trolls Trump after being blocked on Twitter
Possible successor to Merkel denies his nomination for post of German chancellor
A neighbor told about owner of burned down illegal nursing home
Erdogan explained future of Turkey in Europe
Viking storming capitol arrested
Owner of burned down illegal nursing home in Tyumen region was detained
Estonian opposition offered to join country to Russia
Trump’s son said about mockery of whole world over United States after blocking his father on Twitter
A pickup truck with weapons and explosive devices was found near Capitol
14-year-old daughter of a Russian director showed a photo in a bikini and surprised fans
Seven people died in a fire in an illegal Russian nursing home
British Queen vaccinated against COVID-19
Ukrainian nationalists were offended by Polish ambassador because of words about Bandera
Boeing responds to plane crash in Indonesia
Figure of 54-year-old Salma Hayek in photo in a swimsuit again surprised fans
Woman’s face has grown hair due to smoking abuse
Ukraine called on to reevaluate Euromaidan after storming of Capitol
Last of creators of first Soviet atomic bomb died
Russians were not found among passengers of plane crashed in Indonesia
Ukraine: protesters blocked highway due to rising gas prices
Indonesian authorities confirm crash of passenger Boeing 737
There was information about explosions on board crashed Boeing 737
Passenger plane that disappeared from radar crashed
Search for missing passenger plane has begun
Passenger plane taking off from Jakarta disappears from radar
Norilsk authorities announced a day of mourning for those killed in an avalanche
Shark kills a man in New Zealand for first time in seven years
Merkel predicted toughest weeks for Germany due to pandemic
Pregnant bride of a Russian billionaire starred in a revealing outfit on a yacht
Russians revealed a way to restore regime after holidays
About 200 miners were evacuated from a mine in Kuzbass due to fire
First Deputy Governor of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, infected with coronavirus, dies
Russia: 23,309 cases of coronavirus infection were detected per day
Residents of two Chinese cities urged not to leave their homes due to coronavirus
Russian doctor called products harmful for coronavirus
A new value of subsistence minimum has been set in Russia
Norilsk: search work at site of avalanche ended
Pushkov predicted US policy towards Russia and China under Biden
Russian-speaking woman detained at Capitol was released
Rescuers found a man’s body after an avalanche in Norilsk