Ukrainian nationalists were offended by Polish ambassador because of words about Bandera

Ukrainian nationalists called on Polish ambassador Bartosz Tsikhotski to leave the country for his words about Stepan Bandera. On his page in Twitter the diplomat called the leader of Ukrainian nationalists an ideologue of hatred and crime, which offended him right-wing radicals.

Thus Tsikhotski answered his Israeli colleague Yoel Lyon, who earlier criticized the march of Ukrainian nationalists in honor of Bandera’s birthday.

“Dear Ambassador Yoel Lyon. In connection with the shameful demonstration in front of the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine, I want you to know that you and your team are not alone,” Tsihotsky wrote.

In response, many users began to insult the diplomat and urged him to immediately leave Kiev. “Bandera was the ideologist of a free Ukraine. If someone does not like this idea, he must leave Ukraine!”, Wrote one of them.

Some Ukrainians supported the ambassador and recalled that Bandera collaborated with the Nazis.

In December 2020, the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland sent a note to MFA of the country with a request to clarify the situation in connection with the publication of the calendar on the pages of which Crimea was named the territory of Russia.