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Bankruptcy of polls is also work of a “sabotage” organized at top of State
Brazil: Lula disappoints, Bolsonaro resists outcome of first round of presidential election
Cocaine traffic: overseas, traps of security debate
Presidential in Brazil: Lula is ahead of Bolsonaro, a second round will take place on October 30
Ukraine reclaimed Lyman, voting to Brazil, putsch in Burkina Faso
“The threats that Jair Bolsonaro agitates against democracy in Brazil are part of a political project”
Brazil in polls: between Bolsonaro and Lula, a decisive choice under tension
Hymn whistled and banana jet, Brazilians denounce racism in their match against Tunisia, in Paris
Formula 1: No Grand Prix de France in 2023, Monaco maintained
Funeral of Elizabeth II: “It is as if we were to arrange at same time a hundred state visits”
Brazil: Lula and Bolsonaro target victory by singing
Ligue 1: Little inspired, PSG is essential on smallest of margins against Brest
In European Parliament, harassment at McDonald’s in viewfinder
Brazil: Bolsonaro takes advantage of Bicentennial Day to galvanize his supporters
Champions League: OM begins its European campaign with a defeat against Tottenham
Volleyball world: eliminated by Italy, Blues stop in quarters
Chile: overcome failure of constitutional reform
Argentina: police arrest partner of assailant of Cristina Kirchner
Ligue 1: PSG, Lens and Marseille run in mind
Brazil: death of “hole Indian”, last survivor of native people Tanaru
Brazil: a failed television debate for Lula as for Jair Bolsonaro
Brazil: Bolsonaro and Lula go away in a first stormy presidential debate
Turkey announces that it will not dismantle ex-avions “Foch”
Volleyball World: France beats Germany three sets to zero for its first match
Brazil broke its fire record in Amazon for 15 years
Ligue 1: PSG signs a new box while sweeping LOSC
Elections in Brazil: Facebook accused of letting advertisements containing false information
Locarno: a list haunted by violence
Ligue 1: PSG in demonstration against Montpellier, frustrating return for Mbappé
Antony Blinken begins his African tour with South Africa and Soweto
Ligue 1: PSG sets tone from first day of championship by outclassing Clermont-Ferrand
Ligue 1: Lyon opens championship with difficult success against Ajaccio
In Latin America, a “new left” in power
Champions League: Monaco concedes a draw against PSV Eindhoven
At Villa Medici, a tapestry from colonial era is controversial
Variole of monkey: death in Spain and Brazil of contaminated patients
Neymar tried in October for irregularities during his transfer to Barcelona in 2013
Jair Bolsonaro officially launches his campaign for his re -election
World athletics: Wilfried Happio misses a feat in final of 400 meter hedges
Deforestation in Brazil: Amazon lost an average of eighteen trees per second in 2021
Pedro Cesarino, apprentice of Amerindians
Colombia: dissent of beheaded stuff after death of its main chef
Roman night of Barbara Carlotti
Billionaire Lily Safra, widow of banker Edmond Safra, is dead
Brazilian presidential: Lula seduction operation to Rio de Janeiro
“Inflation is most regressive tax as possible”
Left in challenge of power in Latin America
Brazil: Police confirms that Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira were killed by firearm