Live brazil updates

New Variant of Mirai Botnet Targets 300+ Daily
Forgotten Hacker Group Masks Resumes Activities
Brazil Deploys Drones to Combat Mosquitoes
MISMIR RNA: Small Molecules and Aging Control
Ancient DNA Supports Long-Standing Theory of Syphilis
Telepandemia: Bogpanzi Botnet Controls TV Settings as Puppets
Brazils Entire Populations Personal Information Exposed
Research Finds Elite Cars Boost Marriage Potential of Men
GitHub Releases 2023 Stats, Announces GitHub Awards Winners
Brazilian WhatsApp Users Lose Savings in Gopix Scam
EU Police Decodes Drug Lord’s Secrets via Instant Messengers
Young Cybercrime Genius, Lapsus, Faces Trial for Autism
Trial Begins for Lapsus $ Teenager Who Revolutionized Cybersecurity
Europol Nabs 288 Darknet Drug Sellers and Buyers
Vipersoftx Infostiller Uncovers All Victim Passwords
Telegram Defends Privacy Rights Amid Brazil Court Dispute
Android Users Infected by Ads in Large-Scale Minecraft Clones
Brazil to Block Telegram App
VoIP Supplier 3CX Hit by Backdoor Gopuram Attack
Renault opens capital of its subsidiary thermal engines to Saudi oil group Aramco
Pedocrime: an ex-deputy LREM alternate of Loire sentenced to one year in prison
Lionel Messi elected best player of 2022 during “FIFA BEST”
Floods in Brazil: new assessment of 64 dead
Colombia: government grants national liberation army status “of armed political organization
Brazil floods: new assessment of 54 dead
After year of war in Ukraine, diplomatic impasse at UN
In pictures: Rio’s carnival finds its joy
Peru: ex-president Alejandro Toledo will be able to be extradited from United States for trial for corruption
Human record of landslides in Brazil increases to 44 dead
Ligue 1: Winner in Toulouse, Marseille retains second place before his big meeting against PSG
PSG gives itself little oxygen by beating Lille on wire, but loses Neymar on injury
GitHub published report on locks in 2022
Death of American actress Raquel Welch, sex symbol of 1960s and 1970s
Apple claims that Maps confidentiality error did not affect iPhone
Joe Biden and Lula undertake to defend democracy “testing” in their two countries
Biden-Lula meeting: war in Ukraine on discussion menu
Death of Miroslav Blazevic, ex-selector who had brought Croats to third place in 1998 World Cup
Judo: Teddy Riner wins his seventh Paris tournament
PIXPIRATE – new banking Trojan for Android, using dangerous function
Ligue 1: Paris Saint-Germain beats Toulouse without reassuring
Judicial vice is tightening around Jair Bolsonaro, exiled in United States
Old “Foch” aircraft carrier flowed in Atlantic Ocean, off coast of Brazil
Brazil: Lula says he is convinced that Jair Bolsonaro “prepared coup” January 8
Amazon: Faced with scourge of illegal gold panning, Yanomamis receive support from Brazilian state
Brazil: candidate supported by Lula re -elected president of Senate