Live brazil updates

In Brazil recorded 19 varieties of Covid-19
Guy with a tattoo in whole body and without a navel showed appearance and became famous in network
Death toll from Coronavirus since beginning of year exceeded indicators of total 2020
Chinese taxi will be on stock exchange in USA
Popular coffee network stay left without cups and syrups
Heat turned out to be useless in containment of Covid-19
Action Retribution for killing drug dealers paralyzed life of a millionth city
Rector of HSE declared cause of poverty in Russia
Brazil approved application of “satellite V”
FBI stated attackers of largest manufacturer of hackers meat
Brazilians demanded resignation of president due to Covid-19
Pope told little praying and too much drinking people
Belarusian goods wanted to ban in Europe
A kind of Covid-19 of unknown origin was detected
Runged Italian “cocaine king” arrested in Brazil
Oldest star was found
Cindy Crawford starred in underwear for Vogue magazine
Brazil stopped vaccination of pregnant Astrazeneca due to death of a woman
Created vaccine against all dangerous coronaiviruses
Brazilian President explained his similarity with Putin
WTO called on Russia to increase vaccine supplies from Covid-19
Number of fixed cases of Covid-19 in world exceeded 150 million
Brazil thanked Putin for liberation of driver of ex-football player “Spartak”
Biden limited entry to United States from India
A new view is opened glowing in darkness of poisonous toads
Developers of “satellite V” declared reasons for refusing import of vaccine in Brazil
Brazilian regulator did not allow import of “satellite V”
Brazil: Vaccine “Satellite V” recognized safe
Slender model increased buttocks and regretted result
Detained one of largest weapons in world
World has reduced consumption of wine record
Danger of Brazilian strain of Covid-19 is revealed
“Biological Fukushima” discovered in South America
In Brazil found a new dangerous strain of Covid-19
Number of new COVID-19 cases in world has reached record indicators
A way to avoid complications when Covid-19
Brazil made a pilot batch of vaccine “Satellite V”
World predicted toilet paper deficit
Apple was fined in Brazil for lack of charger
In Switzerland, they talked about more deadly mutations of Covid-19
USA: plane crashed on a car
Man lost argument and inserted silicone implants into his chest
Scientists assess effectiveness of Pfizer vaccine against a new strain of Covid-19
Bolsonaro urged Brazilians “not to whine” amid record deaths from COVID-19
New strains of Covid-19 have reduced effectiveness of vaccines
Abbess left church for title of owner of most beautiful buttocks
Release of aTox 0.6.0, a private and secure messenger for Android
In Britain began search for a “mysterious” infected with a new strain of coronavirus