Live brazil updates

“Inflation is most regressive tax as possible”
Left in challenge of power in Latin America
Brazil: Police confirms that Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira were killed by firearm
Dom Phillips’ death, journalist for Amazon tragedy
A Russian spy under legend arrested after trying to infiltrate International Criminal Court
Brazil: Advanced in investigation into disappearance of Bruno Araujo and Dom Phillips, “human remains” found
Amazon: two disappearances and a disaster
24 hours of Le Mans: Toyota achieves a new double and comforts her hegemony
Amazon: “human” remains discovered during research carried out after disappearance of two men
Football: Luis Campos responsible for “helping” PSG to cross a new level “
Judicial mediation proposed in Casino, accused of contributing to deforestation in Amazon
Exploration of Moon: France joins NASA program
Research launched to find an English journalist and a Brazilian anthropologist who disappeared in Amazon
Barely launched, “Summit of Americas” of Biden already shunned
Results of floods in Brazil are now 100 dead
Floods in Brazil: “We find distraught residents, alone in mud”
Tobacco industry pinned by WHO for its environmental misdeeds
Northeast of Brazil, at least 36 dead in torrential rains
Brazil: a black dies suffocated by gas in trunk of a police car
Brazil: president of Petrobras, barely appointed, already dismissed by Jair Bolsonaro
PSG sports director Leonardo is removed from his duties
French company Vallourec announces abolition of 2,950 positions worldwide
Portrait of a company where boss is a smartphone, management an algorithm
Champions League: Real Madrid overturns Manchester City in overtime and qualifies for final
A jersey by Diego Maradona awarded for a record sum at Sotheby’s
Ligue 1: suspense for podium relaunched after wide defeat of Marseille at home against Lyon
Football: Real Madrid crowned Spanish champion for 35th time in its history
United States brings together around sixty countries in a coalition against “rise in authoritarianism
United Nations adopts obligation to justify any veto on background of Russian blocking on Ukraine
Brazil: after two years of Covid-19, a Rio carnival placed under sign of resilience
Telegram, back and opaque base of online activism
French justice issues an international arrest warrant against Carlos Ghosn
Older we live, less we mute quickly
Ligue 1: PSG offers Marseille without plume and is close to title
“The springs of French democratic crisis resemble those of African countries”
Physical activity during pregnancy: baby also benefits
Ranking without continuation of two surveys for rapes aimed at Gérard Louvin and her husband
Two investigations for “rapes on minors” targeting couple Gérard Louvin and Daniel Moyne sorted without suite
Draw of World Cup 2022: France inherits an affordable group
Presidential in Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro evokes “A battle between good and evil”
Death of drummer of Rock Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins
Lucile Leclair: “I quickly had that certainty that we” vote with his fork “”
Brazil returns to its decision to block Telegram
Armand Duplantis beats his world record of jumping at Perche, 6.20 m, and offers world’s world title
Festival d’Angoulême 2022: Golden Fawn awarded to Brazilian Marcello Quintanilha
Regeneration capacity of Amazon undermined by climate change
Samsung Electronics Victim of a Cyberrattaker, data of its customers would not be concerned
Emmanuel Macron, a “Earth Champion” more and more criticized