Live brazil updates

US will introduce a requirement for complete vaccination for entering foreigners
Lukashenko told about friendship with President Tajikistan
Astronomers recorded collision of Jupiter with an unknown object
Apple threatened by court for sale of iPhone without charging
Belarus abolished visa for a number of countries
Trump tried his strength as a sports commentator
Sports official sacrificed dog food as a sign of apologiar for harassment
BRICS countries pointed to unequal access to COVID-19 vaccines in world
Britain: a man with a knife captured hostages at refueling
55-year-old Cindy Crawford repeated cult advertisement Pepsi 1992
Former press secretary Trump detained
Lukashenko told Brazil main strategic partner in Latin America
Coronavirus left world without coffee
Brazilian President urged every citizen to buy a rifle
Russia will sell “repellent patrol” and “Palm”
Czech Republic excluded Russia from list of countries with extreme risk on COVID-19
President of Brazil caught in false data on mortality from COVID-19
Heads of BRICS space agencies signed an agreement on cooperation in field of satellite data exchange
China closed terminal of one of most loaded ports of world due to Covid-19
Lithuania set a cross on Potassia Transit from Belarus
Turning Covid-19 into a regular cold
Brazil began conflict with UN due to coal
19-year-old guy shot in supercar for boasting luxurious life online
President of Brazil accused of genocide
A completely new type of carnivorous plants was found
American biologists have learned to determine strain of Covid-19 in saliva
Brazil: refuted messages about changing requirements for vaccine “Satellite V”
Ministry of Economic Development rated level of markets for Russians
US neighbor will lose source of food
Supply of “satellite V” in Brazil was conceived to postpone due to limitations of regulator
Russia: allowed appearance of meat tax
In Brazil, they demanded to investigate spread of fake by President Blson
Scientists have created a spray for nose from all main strains of COVID-19
Dry rivers posed a threat to world trade
Woman with obesity dropped 71 kilograms for two years and has become a popular model
Nine thousand migrants stuck in Colombia
Central Banks worldwide purchased gold
Tobacco companies responded to a possible shortage of cigarettes in Russia
In Russia, they thought about new restrictions on cigarettes
Russia: warned about a possible shortage of cigarettes
Model made plastic faces and got into intensive care
Brazil: psychological violence against a woman
Brazil suspended purchase of Indian Covaxin vaccine due to scandal
Latvia attacked Indian strain COVID-19
New strain of Covid-19 “Lambda” broke out of South America
New “lambda” -shtam cronavirus found in Brazil
In Brazil recorded 19 varieties of Covid-19
Guy with a tattoo in whole body and without a navel showed appearance and became famous in network