GitHub Releases 2023 Stats, Announces GitHub Awards Winners

GitHub has published a report with the analysis of statistics for 2023.[1]

Main Trends

  • In 2023, 98 million new projects were created on GitHub, marking an increase from 85.7 million in 2022, 61 million in 2021, and 60 million in 2020. The total number of projects reached 420 million, a 27% increase, and the number of publicly accessible repositories is now 284 million, up by 22%.[1]
  • The general contribution of participants to all projects is estimated at 4.5 billion actions, including commits, issues, pull requests, discussions, and reviews. This represents an increase from 3.5 billion actions in 2022.[1]
  • The GitHub audience grew by 20.2 million users in a year, reaching a total of 114 million. This is a 26% increase compared to the previous year’s 93.8 million users. The United States tops the list with the highest number of developers, followed by India, China, Brazil, Great Britain, Russia, and Germany. [1]

  • About 65 thousand new projects related to machine learning were added in the past year, a staggering 248% increase from the previous year. The number of participants in AI projects also increased by 148%. According to a survey conducted by GitHub, 92% of developers reported using or experimenting with AI tools. It is evident that there has been a significant increase in interest in AI-related development technologies.[1]
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