Life News

China threatened US nuclear strike in response to new Alliance
A way to predict course of Covid-19 infection
Russia put a condition for issuing a visa to US diplomat from a black list
In US, they revealed first in country case of infection with Covid-19 at home ferret
Rogozin rated launch of Russia’s competitor Starlink and OneWeb
ELK project develops a compact JavaScript engine for microcontrollers
Asian NATO countries to cooperate in space, cybersecurity and 5G
“messenger” took part in Gazprom meeting
Issue Wine 6.18 and Wine Staging 6.18
US Court revealed essence of prethesiya Blue Origin to Spacex
Afghan Mufti explained torture of clergy by militants “Taliban”
Starliner attempt to reach ISS will be transferred to 2022
Afghan resistance hired lobbyists from USA
Roscosmosa national team victory on DigitalSkills 2021 in team standings
Afghan refugees attacked US military personnel
Residents of Afghanistan told about life under authority of Taliban
United Kingdom will call military to fight gasoline deficiency
Proton-PM supported initiative to open ecotropics in new lodes
Detained in response to Arrest of Phonde Huawei Canadians went home
Pakistan urged to support new government of Afghanistan
Paris authorities burned out from drug addicts brick wall
Huawei’s Phondrate Releaser was released from under home arrest
US found a way to overlap Russia access to Atlantic Ocean
Project of first satellite of Earth – 65 years
On session of UN General Assembly instead of Taliba will be representative of Afghanistan
US criticized Taliban plans to return executions in Afghanistan
In US Congress, called to impeachment by Bayden
Pentagon: answered offer to expand contacts with Russia
In Germany, they recognized uselessness of sanctions against Russia
Huawei Phondractor made it possible to avoid extradition in USA
Starting complex of East space complex began preparation for launch
Release of a set of basic system utilities GNU Coreutils 9.0
US allowed limited financial transactions with Taliban
Megan Oars returned to image of Hollywood Star
“Tosuchka” will be protected from high-precision weapons
Europe: found lagging economy
On hot Saturn found clouds
United States has declared readiness to transaction on release of Huawei Phondrate
Prices for gasoline in Russia broke a historical record
Russia began making first satellite for a competitor Starlink and OneWeb
Ruble retained positions to dollar
Muscovites abandoned heels
Biden hardly recognized his age
Netherlands: police detained nine suspects in preparation of terrorist attack
Sovcombank appealed to police on second episode of fraud attempt
Die in lawyers Gangsters killed in courtroom of boss mafia
UK conceived to build nuclear power plants and exit energy crisis
Groom ridicled on net because of his outfit at wedding