Life News

China Bypasses US Ban on Equipment Supply by Renting Locally
BlackBaud to pay $3M fine for concealing investor data breach
Appimage Developer Releases Hellosystem 0.8.1 BSD System
Retroarch 1.15 Emulator Released
GNU Octave 8 Released for Mathematical Calculations
CISA Adds VMware Vulnerability to Exploited List
Home Assistant Platform Vulnerable to Remote Operation
New Malicious USB-Drawing Plugx Found in Africa
Wasmtime Runtime Vulnerability Found
Alt P10 starting sets see eighth update
Troyan Xenomorph Update Automates Bank Account Fund Theft
Global Organizations at Risk with Unsafe Network Devices
Microsoft: Corporate Mail Hacking Takes 2 Hours, Victims Defenseless
Experts Create BlackMamba AI-Powered Polymorphic Malware
Ministry proposes 4-year jail term for miners hiding income
Chrome OS 111 Released
Rust 1.68 Released
False Air Anxiety in Moscow and Other Regions of Russia
Iranian Hackers Cancel Israel University Exams
Hackers Leak Acronis Data Online
Chinese UNC4540 Hackers Spying via Sonicwall Devices, Says Mandiant
Australia Urges Russia to Control Hackers
Surchinform Offers Free Data Audit with FileAuditor
Android 14: Second Preliminary Issue
Issue Samba 4.18.0
Russian Sellers’ New Trick: Activated iPhone Sale
Great Britain Implements Open System to Manage Energy Industry
New Threat SYS01STEALER Uses Fake Ads on Facebook*
Release Chrome 111
Emotet Malware Returns After Three-Month Hiatus
Linux Rust drive proposed for Apple AGX GPU review
Apache 2.4.56 Release Eliminates Vulnerabilities
Audacious 4.3 Musical Player Released
Extortion Gang Merges Confidential Data from Cyber Attack on Auckland
Vulnerabilities discovered in DJI consumer drones
Medusa group asks ransom of $ 1 million from US school district
US Authorities Call for Stronger Water Supply System Cybersecurity
Windows UAC Bypass Method Still in Use by Attackers
NVIDIA to Fix Systemic Windows Errors in New Driver
Standard Implementation of TPM 2.0 Vulnerable to Data Access
70% Surge in February IT Mortgages
US Illegally Spies on Citizens via Fake Mobile Tower
Barcelona’s Largest Hospital Hit by Cyberattack
APT 2.6 Package Manager Released
Boston Dynamics Robots Steal Paris Fashion Show
Mincifers, FSB Probe Data Leak at Research Institute Sunrise
Libreelec 11.0 enables home theater creation through distributive release
Hackers exploit critical WAGO vulnerabilities for microcontroller takeover