Life News

Argentinian state recognized “responsible” for a massacre of natives in 1924
Death of Vangelis, sorcerer of synths
EPR: Delay and additional cost for EDF reactors in United Kingdom
After setbacks, Boeing capsule finally en route to space station for its test flight
Canada banish Huawei from 5G network
Damien Abad leaves presidency of LR group and goes back from his party
For her first trip, Elisabeth Borne praises emancipation of women
Climate change: city of Paris misses its objectives
Roland-Garros: Djokovic, Nadal and Alcaraz, three favorites, in same half of table
About fifteen confirmed cases of variole of monkey in Europe and United States
Vangelis, composer of “Blade Runner” bands and “fire trolleys
Eric Zemmour Relaxed: general prosecutor’s office forms a cassation appeal
“The lukewarmness of West’s reactions to death of Shireen Abu Akleh does not surprise me. But that shakes me up”
Sad moult of Gaîté-Montparnasse, or limits of stars policy
Disposable cup, this dismay containing
Alsace: German Dräger puts its sleep production site in sleep
Relegated to telecoms, Huawei wants to bounce back in connected watches
French team: Olivier Giroud absent from list of Didier Deschamps
Legislative 2022: on left, NUPS presents a joint program of more than 650 proposals
Eurovision Gloubi-Boulga, it may be a detail for you
“A love”, from Sara Mesa: Camille Laurens’ literary soap opera
Samos: acquittal of an Afghan accused of having endangered life of his dead son in a sinking
Firefox began testing third version of Chrome manifesto
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 is available for download
Cannes Festival 2022: “Tirailleurs”, Omar Sy in trenches of First World War
A slip of George W. Bush describes invasion of Iraq “unjustified”
ORACLE Linux 8.6 distribution release and Beta-release of Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 7
“Nokiagate”: in Netherlands, Prime Minister in turmoil after erased SMS on his phone
Standoff between horizons and Renaissance on candidacy of deputy
Cannes 2022: Tom Cruise in a “master class” at Mach 3 speed
Published Mybee 13.1.0, FreeBSD distribution for organizing virtual machines
Automobile: Smart wants to launch a range of electric cars
Long decay of Socialist Party
In North Sea, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Netherlands announce wanting to “multiply by four”
Majority of French territory risks drought this summer
Marseille: up to eighteen years in prison for confinement and rape of an Algerian LGBT activist
Up to eighteen years in prison for rape and forcible confinement of an LGBT activist
Bind DNS-server updating in implementation of DNS-OVER-HTTPS implementation
After confirmation of their conviction, “dropouts” of Portraits of Emmanuel Macron turn to
Cloud: “Some concerns about European cloud players are justified”, according to Microsoft
Cannes 2022: “The woman of Tchaikovski”, by Kirill Serebrennikov, or case of a passion for suffering
French company Vallourec announces abolition of 2,950 positions worldwide
First release of new Opensuse Leap Micro distribution
Investigation will resume after confirmation of indictment of cement maker for “complicity of crimes
Sahel: Paris fails to counter Russian propaganda
Death of Françoise Rudetzki, lawyer and tireless spokesperson for victims of attacks
Defense: European Commission unveils its project to rearm continent
Enthusiasm of French start-ups for space