Life News

European Union began negotiations with Taliban
DRC: attack of a displaced camp makes twenty-two dead in Ituri
Scientist declared likely cause of appearance of an Omicron strain
Russia: wanted to shorten number of monoglodes
Israeli special services will begin to keep track of persons with Omicron-strain Covid-19
Refugees on border of Belarus and Poland infected with Covid-19
Central Bank proposed to create a special bank deposit for poor
Croatia will replace Soviet fighters by French Rafale
Belorussia were caught in “game of other people’s muscles”
In Minsk, they announced absence of a threat from migrants
Stylist Virgil ABLOH, artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s man’s collections,
Security Council of Belarus announced a possible absentee court over opposition
Autonomy of Guadeloupe: stakes of a necessary debate
Formula 1: Frank Williams, founder of stable of same name, died at age of 79
“Our leaders remained deaf to alarm cry of caregivers on degradation of public hospital”
In United States, infinity of Omicron strain of Coronavirus
Premier Poland criticized Merkel for a conversation with Lukashenko
Ligue 1: Despite Etienne Green, PSG is required in Saint-Etienne, but loses Neymar
Northern Peru struck by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake
Head of Ministry of Labor appreciated growth rates of wages in Russia
Czech Republic: Petr Fiala appointed Prime Minister
Biathlon: After disappointment of individual, Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet takes his revenge during sprint
Sale of cybersurveillance equipment in egypt: Nexa Technologies indicated
Odessans with portraits of Rockov and Zhvanetsky won tattoo competition
Czech President appointed new premiere
Taking into account compatibility
Scientists predicted a “colossal outbreak” COVID-19 in China
Filter climbed into aircraft chassis and flew to USA
Feminicide: a woman killed by her companion in Epinay-sur-Seine
South Africa stated most vulnerable to a new strain of COVID-19 people
Belarus announced abandoned Lithuanian security forces of body of beaten refugee
Issue of SQLite 3.37 DBMS
“Chinafrique”, time of disillusionment
Hungary: 20 years old NATO Mission in Afghanistan are failed
On East reconstructed a plot of railway paths
Swiss again called to polls to pronounce on sanitary pass
In Hungary, they explained Europe’s attempts to prevent conflict of Russia and NATO
Italian Football Club of Juventus targeted by an investigation into doubtful transfers
Iran: drying up of a river causes manifestations and clashes
Netherlands: 61 travelers from South Africa revealed Covid-19
Reveal possibility of water existence in TRAPPIST-1 system
A way to destroy Covid-19 in two seconds
Matthieu Orphan, spokesman for Yannick Jadot and close to Nicolas Hulot, put “set back” of countryside
US Secretary of State thanked head of South Africa for rapid detection of Omicron strain
55 years from day of first launch of Soyuz Wearer
President of Serbia promised Russia’s eternal friendship
Italian biologists have published first image “Omicron” -Stamma
Pope Roman expressed condolences in connection with explosion in Russian mine