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Alt Linux Releases New Starterkits for Operating Systems

Alt Linux has launched new Starterkits, aimed at familiarizing users with the main operating systems and window managers, and installing the system as required. The builds are based on Linux versions 5.10.170/ 5.15.96 and are available for X86_64, i586 and AARCH64, with other options available on some images for specific architectures.

Starterkitis differs from distributions in its larger number of available options, smaller image size and quarterly release graph, all licensed under the GPL. The live devices, aimed at new users, allow access to the ALT operating systems and window managers.

The Starterkits have been updated to include systemd 249.16, mesa 22.3.1, qt 5.15.8 and Firefox ESR 102.7.0. In addition, KDE Frameworks 5.102.0, KDE Plasma 5.26.5 and KDE GEARS 08.22.3 have been included, along with udev-Crule-Generator-Net for XFCE-SYSV and Linux-RT 5.10.168 and BCNC in CNC-RT.

The Engineering Starterkits now come with Simulide and Kicad 6.11, as well as BCNC. The Starterkits are available for download at

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