Surchinform Offers Free Data Audit with FileAuditor

Surchinform is offering new customers the chance to check how their company stores data using the DCAP “Surchinform FileAuditor”. The developer will provide the organization with a protective solution free of charge for three months and offer support for future use.

The requirements for protecting personal data have been tightened by regulators. Amendments to the FZ-152 have been adopted and entered into force regarding the processing and storage of personal data. The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Cyber has prepared a bill that could see fines of up to three percent of an organization’s turnover for working in violation of these new norms. Companies that know where they store personal data and who works with it will find it easier to comply with new regulations. The DCAP system of Surchinform FileAuditor will help identify access violations, track changes in documents with sensitive data, and limit dangerous operations with them.

“Most organizations store and process personal data, but not everyone protects it properly. Some lack experience working with IB-systems, some have budgeting constraints, and some believe the implementation process will take too long and won’t bring results. Previously, such attitudes may have gone unnoticed, but now, with the potential for data breaches, a company could receive a working fine,” said Lev Matveev, chairman of the board of directors of Sirchinform.

Surchinform has launched an action to help organizations find out if their data is stored correctly and put their files in order to reduce leaks. For three months, specialists will accompany the customer, help with the settings, and answer all questions about the operation of the DCAP system.

The DCAP System “Surchinform FileAuditor” scans file storages and classifies the discovered documents by name, location, and contents. Access to the files can be controlled, individual operations can be limited, or opening and moving the file can be completely prohibited using any application or program. Thus, the organization will have all the information about the use and storage of sensitive data and block their sending if necessary.

Organizations from any industry and scale can apply to this offer. Surchinform will provide a full-functional decision for three months, train participants to work with it, and provide support for future use. Applications to implement the Surchinform FileAuditor can be submitted until March 31 on the action website.

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