NVIDIA to Fix Systemic Windows Errors in New Driver

NVIDIA has confirmed that they are working to fix an issue with their drivers that is causing high CPU loading and the appearance of the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on Windows systems. This problem is being caused by the currently available driver, the GeForce Game Ready 531.18 WhQl, which was released on February 28.

Although this driver provided support for RTX Video Super Resolution, users have reported experiencing constant blue screens after installing it on Windows systems, and that returning to the older driver version fixes the BSOD issues. “After the clean installation of this last Lenovo P17 driver with the fully updated Windows 11 and NVIDIA RTX A5000, I ran into three blue Windows screens, as well as two Hogwarts Legacy flights,” said one user on the NVIDIA forum.

NVIDIA has confirmed that the issue is related to the higher loading of CPU after leaving a game, which is caused by the NVIDIA Container process, and that a fresh driver will be released on March 7 to resolve the issue. In the meantime, if you or your friends are experiencing this problem, NVIDIA recommends stopping the NVIDIA Container process via Windows tasks to prevent any slowdowns on your system.

If you can’t wait for the fresh driver release or are experiencing other issues, such as decreased performance or sorties in games, it’s recommended that you revert to the older driver version by following these steps:

  • Click the Start button on your computer
  • Find and open “Device Manager”
  • Double-click “Video Adapters”
  • Double-click the NVIDIA graphic processor
  • Select the Driver tab
  • Click “Roll Back Driver”
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