Audacious 4.3 Musical Player Released

Audacious Media Player announced the release of Audacious 4.3, a lightweight music player that originated from the Beep Media Player (BMP) project, which was an offshoot of the classic player XMMS. The release includes two user interfaces, one based on GTK and the other on QT, and is available for download on various Linux distributions and Windows.

The main updates of Audacious 4.3 include optional support for GTK3, while GTK2 is still used in the GTK assembly collection. QT 6 support has been stabilized, but Qt 5 remains the default. The release also includes plugins for output through the multimedia server Pipewire, decoding the Opus format, and support of the Meson assembly system. In addition, there is the option to copy files to the file exchange, support for FLAC audio streams in the OGG container, and reading tags embedded in the song file.

Other new features include the option to search for album artists, support for the new database format with information about song duration in the SID plugin, and the addition of tags with data about the publisher and catalog rooms. The release also features a file filter.

To learn more about Audacious 4.3, including installation instructions and package availability for various distributions, please visit the Audacious Media Player website.

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