Life News | Page 781

A flock of killer whales surrounded ship and rammed it for two hours
Bride wanted to stand out at wedding and made guests dye their hair
Jude Law’s daughter showed her face without makeup
First man in a dress on cover of Vogue pissed off readers
Doctor mistook patient’s deadly disease for dog allergy
Chef Reveals Secret To Perfectly Crispy Fries
Beauty of 18-year-old son of a popular actress in photo without clothes surprised fans
54-year-old Salma Hayek shared a photo in a swimsuit and excited fans
An innocent man served 15 years in prison for someone else’s crime
Pregnant Emily Ratajkowski and her husband were scolded online for their appearance
UN worries about exacerbation of hunger on planet due to coronavirus
WHO has announced expected date for start of supply of vaccine against coronavirus
Actress shared a photo with needles in her chin and alarmed fans
Kate Middleton changed her image
Patient COVID-19 was forced to give birth without medical assistance
Twenty-year-old twins find a way to pay off their parents’ mortgage
Horned octopus was nicknamed kraken and people were forbidden to approach it
Revealed harmful effect of protective masks on face
Vera Wong, 71, reveals secret of keeping youthful with vodka
Priest survived after falling on him a boulder weighing four tons
Faithful dog jumped on a shark to protect owner
Former youngest billionaire scolded for ridiculous outfit and lack of
Most beautiful woman in world starred topless in advertising
More than 1,000 people detained at rallies in Belarus
Grandmother of Khachaturian sisters died
Scientists have discovered a natural product that kills coronavirus
Influential Democrat named start date for transfer of power to Biden
Carrier found for first foreign coronavirus vaccine
Russian woman with severe lung damage was hospitalized after complaints in social networks