Most beautiful woman in world starred topless in advertising

American supermodel of Palestinian origin Bella Hadid , who was received the status of the most beautiful woman in the world, starred in an advertisement for a popular topless brand. The corresponding post appeared in her Instagram -account.

In the above frames, a mannequin is sitting on the floor with a half-side to the photographer. She poses without a bra in leather-tone briefs and patent leather high heels. She also wears a red wig and a gold chain.

In a candid post, Hadid announced the launch of a collaboration with Chrome Hearts, a collection of tie-dye print T-shirts and longsleeves. According to her, she made all the clothes from the new line herself during the quarantine, which was introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is noted that all proceeds from the sale of things will go to the charity Feeding America, which fights hunger around the world.

The celebrity’s followers admired her appearance in the comments under the post, which received almost two million likes. “I’m proud of you!”, “What a beauty you are”, “Just fire”, “Beautiful Bella”, “Are you a real person at all? Wow”, – said the fans.

In November, Bella Khalid showed a toned body in the video and delighted fans. She was photographed in blue jeans, a white crop top, a milky shirt and a leather vest. In the video, she stands with her back to a wooden post on a street in Los Angeles.