Horned octopus was nicknamed kraken and people were forbidden to approach it

In the English city of Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, a horned octopus washed ashore was nicknamed the kraken (a mythical sea monster of gigantic proportions, known from the descriptions of Icelandic sailors – approx. ” Lents.ru “). The regional newspaper Grimsby Telegraph reports about it.

Beach manager Scott Snowden has banned locals from approaching the octopus to prevent crowds from entering. “We urge people to respect nature and allow the octopus to live in peace in its natural environment,” he says. “Unfortunately, sometimes dogs try to disturb it; I also worry that people come in droves to look at it.” P >

Snowden stressed that local residents must take precautions in the fight against coronavirus, including keeping social distance.

Horned or curly-haired octopuses ( Eledone cirrhosa ) live in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean. Cephalopods of this species are found in the Mediterranean and North Seas, as well as in the English Channel. They grow up to 50 centimeters in length.

Earlier on the coast of the Australian city of Sydney, New South Wales, an octopus got out a > out of the water and crawled over boulders in search of food. Diver Laurence Schiele filmed a hungry octopus crawling along the shore.