Vera Wong, 71, reveals secret of keeping youthful with vodka

American wedding dress designer Vera Wong showed a toned body and revealed the secret of maintaining a youthful appearance with the help of vodka. Related material is posted by People.

According to the publication, the 71-year-old celebrity surprised netizens in May when she posted a photo in an orange sports top and white mini-shorts, showing fans her abs. Wong noted that the massive attention of netizens to her appearance surprised her. “I am a fashion designer, so I flaunt the other women I dress. Even during my work at Vogue I have always been behind the camera, so I always saw myself as a creator, not a subject of discussion,” she admitted.

The heroine of the material connects her ageless appearance with a sporting past: in her youth, Wong was a professional figure skater, as well as a dancer at an American ballet school. “When you are physically active for the first 16 years of your life, it stays with you because there is muscle memory,” explained the designer.

Despite the fact that Wong still trains to keep her muscles in good shape, she considers proper sleep to be the main and necessary tool for maintaining her appearance. “I need to rest, and sleep is a regenerator and an important ingredient. And, of course, vodka, it’s so great to be able to relax with a cocktail,” she added.

In June, the 70-year-old model revealed the secret of fast weight loss in quarantine. Morgan Fairchild said that she adheres to a keto diet, the peculiarity of which is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. The celebrity admitted that in this way she lost 30 pounds (13 kilograms).