Revealed harmful effect of protective masks on face

The founder of the 111 Harley St plastic surgery clinic in London revealed the negative effects of protective masks on the skin of the face and shared tips to deal with the consequences. The Daily Mail reports.

So, according to Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, skin problems appear due to the accumulation of harmful bacteria that arise due to the high concentration of exhaled air under the mask. Subsequently, they can lead to the occurrence of various defects.

For example, personal protective equipment can provoke fine wrinkles and various rashes. “Premature aging is essentially due to skin inflammation caused by wearing a mask. They destroy the epidermal barrier by physical abrasion. The problem does not arise when a person wears a mask, but when he removes it. At this point, the natural protection of the skin This means that bacteria, impurities and other harmful toxins can enter the dermis and cause oxidation, stimulating an inflammatory response. In addition, due to the severe loss of moisture, the skin becomes dry and dehydrated, “explained the expert.

Alexandridis added that the rise in temperature resulting from the trapped carbon dioxide exhaled by the mask can cause dead cells, dirt and sebum to accumulate, which in turn can cause breakouts.

To prevent the described problems, the doctor suggests wearing silk masks. According to him, this material is softer than others and less traumatic for the face. He also advises using a nourishing cream that will create a protective layer between the skin and the mask. This will help calm the sensitive area and reduce further friction.

Aleksandridis warned that lips may crack due to the destruction of the epidermal barrier: serums and thick ointments that can replenish lost moisture and protect against cracks will help from such damage.

In October, the cosmetologist named a way to avoid acne due to a protective mask. So, ideally, the remedy should be changed every two hours, and washed in the morning and evening after it is removed. In addition, the beautician noted that the risk of acne increases with the application of abundant makeup. She also advised not to touch your face with dirty hands.