Twenty-year-old twins find a way to pay off their parents’ mortgage

Twenty-year-old British twins started making computer games and made enough money to pay off their parents’ mortgage. Their story was told by The Mirror.

Ben and Matthew Horton from the English county of Norfolk started making money at the age of 13. They created a computer game on the Roblox platform and found a way to take money from players: the brothers offered them to pay five pounds sterling (505 rubles) to unlock additional options. The programmers spent the first money they earned on candy and a pack of 500 marshmallows.

When the teenagers confessed to their father that they had a bank account with 600 pounds sterling (60.6 thousand rubles), he decided that their sons were selling drugs.

At 16, the Horton brothers dropped out of high school and focused on game development. By this time, each of them was earning 100 thousand pounds (10.1 million rubles) per year. Matthew focused on making quality videos about game characters, while Ben focused on game development and programming.

Thanks to the money earned, the twins managed to pay off the mortgage for their parents’ house. They now live and work together in Crawley, West Sussex, but dream of moving to Los Angeles in the US to be closer to other game developers.

So far, the British have created 21 games on the Roblox platform. They claim quarantines due to the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed to the success of their products, with player engagement increasing by 30-40 percent.

Previously it was reported that in Thailand a 12-year-old boy was able to earn money for his parents to your home thanks to dress up as a girl and makeup lessons on your Instagram account. He is contracted by cosmetic brands, invited to fashion shows and TV shows.