Actress shared a photo with needles in her chin and alarmed fans

Popular American actress Eva Mendes shared a photo during a cosmetic procedure and alarmed fans. The corresponding post appeared in her Instagram -account.

In a frame posted online, a 46-year-old celebrity threw up her chin and showed syringe needles inserted into it. In the caption to the publication, which received 86 thousand likes, Mendes said that she had a procedure for setting mesothreads at the new clinic of Dr. Mariana Vergara. She also noted that the process was painless.

The picture surprised the fans of the actress, and they began to express their concern in the comments. “Damn it, it’s just crazy! I hope you’re okay. I’m shocked”, “It hurts to look at this frame”, “Be careful!”, “Share the result later, please! Looks scary, but I want to try” they wrote.

To the subscribers’ questions about what the procedure is for, Dr. Vergara replied: “Mesothreads activate collagen synthesis, which leads to gradual tightening, tightening and rejuvenation of the skin.”

In October Ksenia Borodina made Botox injections and burst into tears from pain. The celebrity said that the procedure usually does not cause severe discomfort to patients, however, due to the low pain threshold, any of her visits to the beautician ends in tears.