Jude Law’s daughter showed her face without makeup

The daughter of a Hollywood actor Jude Law Iris took a picture without makeup and shared pictures with subscribers. The post appeared in her Instagram -account.

In a frame posted online, a 20-year-old model with wet hair and no makeup showed her face in close-up. Her look was complemented by golden hoop earrings. The publication has received more than 41 thousand likes.

Fans appreciated the natural beauty of the mannequin in the comments below the post. “God, you are so beautiful”, “Natural beauty. Wow. You are breathtaking. Take care of yourself!”, “Angelic face”, “Perfect”, “What beautiful eyes!”, “Angel”, – they expressed. p>

In October, Iris Lowe shared a photo in a translucent bikini outfit. In the posted photo, she is captured in a dress from the Clan brand, through which a black swimsuit was visible. On the brand’s website, the cost of a translucent item is 82 pounds sterling (almost 8,170 rubles).