Former youngest billionaire scolded for ridiculous outfit and lack of

The younger sister of the TV star Kim Kardashian , entrepreneur Kylie Jenner, who in May deprived of the status of the youngest billionaire in the world, appeared in public without a medical mask and was criticism. The discussion took place in the Daily Mail.

The celebrity was captured in Beverly Hills on her way to dinner with friends. For the outfit, Jenner chose a red silk blouse, orange high-waisted trousers from LaQuan Smith Collection and high-heeled shoes. However, she was not wearing a protective mask, despite the fact that in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, all visitors to restaurants in Beverly Hills are required to wear them.

Readers of the publication scolded the former billionaire in the comments under the published pictures for an absurd, in their opinion, outfit, as well as for the lack of personal protective equipment. “She has a terrible style, she absolutely does not know how to dress beautifully. It’s a pity, because she has so much money for it”, “Why is she in such a strange outfit?”, “Let her not appear in front of people without a mask!”, “How can you come to a restaurant without a mask after your sister has had the coronavirus? Idiot, “users said.

Earlier in November, the former youngest billionaire starred in the top with a neckline and known as the Hulk. She became the heroine of advertising for her own cosmetics brand Kylie Cosmetics. She was photographed in a green crop top with expressive shoulders and a cutout skirt. Fans began to criticize the celebrity’s appearance in the comments.