First man in a dress on cover of Vogue pissed off readers

The American fashion magazine Vogue, for the first time in history, placed a photograph of a man in a woman’s outfit on its cover and pissed off its readers. Their reaction on social networks was noticed in The Guardian .

British pop singer and actor Harry Styles a>. The stylists chose for him a light blue dress and a black jacket, made by the designers of the Italian fashion house Gucci.

According to journalists, with its cover Vogue supported the gender fluid values ​​of millennials and representatives of the so-called Generation Z – the main target audience of the publication.

In turn, conservative users expressed their outrage on Twitter. Among them were renowned commentator and lawyer Ben Shapiro and political activist Candace Owens, who advocate clear separation of the sexes.

“There is no society that could survive without strong men. The East knows this. In the West, the feminization of men is taking place, and Marxism is being imposed on children in schools – and all this is no coincidence. This is a direct attack”, – commented Owens.

Shapiro supported his colleague with the appeal “return us courageous men.” “Those who allegedly do not question the masculinity of men in flying dresses hold you for complete idiots,” – stated lawyer.

This is not the first time Harry Style wears a female look. He has previously appeared on the cover of Guardian Weekend in a black dress from Japanese brand Commes Des Garcons, defending the rights of the queer community. In addition, in December 2019 he demonstrated a manicure with a fruit design inspired by his album Fine Line and the song Watermelon Sugar, which later became a trend in social media.