Life News | Page 780

Woman covered whole body with tattoos for millions of rubles and switched to genitals
Gluttonous dormouse grew fat and fell into a trap
A full relative of most beautiful woman in world rebuffed lovers of thinness
Dachshund with a loud bark drove away puma that attacked Chihuahua
Rihanna appeared in public with a haircut from 80s
Kazakh killed a wolf with his bare hands
Human aging reversed for the first time
UN braced for massive influx of refugees due to war in Africa
World’s most expensive face shield shown
Men spent day in dresses and shared their impressions
Mysterious killer of hundreds of man-eating sharks named
Celebrities love clothes with revealing cutouts and launch a new trend
Girl explained losing weight by 44 kilograms in two years
Hollywood actress starred in hundreds of dollars in pajamas and puzzled fans
Hairdresser groped a suspicious lump behind client’s ear and saved him from cancer
Bride was laughed at for making her dress impossible to move
A 9-year-old child disappeared and spent two nights in woods without shoes or a jacket
Naked female students with spears and balls posed for a charity calendar
Leopard tears farmer and his son to pieces
Most stylish nation in Europe released
Girl cut off a leg she did not like
Driver charged over driving at 1377 km/h
Sports Illustrated Model Reveals Her Acne Treatments
Couple married for 63 years died of COVID-19 on same day
Athletes from all over world stripped naked and posed for an erotic calendar
Japanese princess confirmed her desire to marry a commoner
They decided to sell first elite post-war car of USSR for 26 million rubles
Golden Retriever ran away from its owner and lived in forest for a year
Trump’s daughter saw hatred of Jews in her friend’s jewelry and was offended
Schoolgirl rescues her two-year-old nephew from a car in flames
Madonna showed a scar under a dress after surgery
A note from Cuba written during a deadly hurricane was found in USA
Vacationers scared by headless dummy call an ambulance
A lone tiger walks 3,000 km for love
Sea otter caught a shark in front of photographers
Former youngest billionaire starred in top against background of a luxury car
Year-old girl saved her family from being killed in
Man did not find right product in store and became very rich
Student dyed her hair and woke up with a head in shape of a soccer ball
An eight-year-old girl fell into a 15-meter well and spent 45 minutes there
Britney Spears starred aboard a luxury plane in mini shorts in honor of 39th anniversary
COVID-19 Patient Tells Relatives “I’m Not So Bad” And Dies
Plus-size model breastfeeds her baby again on camera
One and a half meters long prehistoric fish washed ashore
Kate Middleton copied her husband’s mother’s outfit again
Woman lost 38 kilograms thanks to one photo
49-year-old TV presenter surprised fans with underwear under her clothes
Prada bags for hundreds of thousands of rubles were mistakenly priced at 1,400 rubles