Couple married for 63 years died of COVID-19 on same day

In the Italian city of Sesto San Giovanni, the spouses who had been married for 63 years died on the same day from a new coronavirus infection. The local news agency Ansa reports.

82-year-old Vincenzo Molino and his 83-year-old wife Olga fell ill with COVID-19 and died on Sunday, November 15, a few hours apart. “They did not go outside and were very careful; only grandfather went to buy groceries and to the pharmacy, but, unfortunately, they got sick,” says one of Molino’s granddaughters, Katya.

On September 26, the couple celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary. “They have always been together,” says Katya. According to her, when the couple was taken to the hospital and forced to be separated, Olga asked to bring Vincenzo’s jacket to her room so that she could feel his presence.

In August it was reported about the spouses from the United States who have been married for 62 years, who contracted a new coronavirus infection and died from it on the same day. The grieving relatives told that during their lifetime the pensioners were inseparable.