Kazakh killed a wolf with his bare hands

In Chuguchak County in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China, a shepherd killed a wolf with his bare hands, reports the Duanzg edition.

According to employees of the local administration, in the late evening of November 7, a wolf crept up to a flock of sheep and tried to bite one of them. The shepherd heard a suspicious sound, noticed a predator and attacked him. The man managed to destroy the wolf without using any weapon. He escaped with minor wounds on his arm.

According to the website VRK.News, the shepherd is of Kazakh origin.

Previously it was reported that a teenager from a village near the Indian city of Nashik, state Maharashtra, with his bare hands, fought off the leopard that attacked him. Doctors put four stitches on the boy’s wrist and two on the back of his hand.