Life News | Page 779

Women massively added contraceptives to shampoo and launched a trend
Biden’s socks at official meeting caught attention of journalists
Bride shamed online for complaining about a cheap wedding gift from a friend
Dead “monster” found on coast of Crete
Schoolgirl found out about her pregnancy three days before giving birth
Melania Trump changed her hair
A restaurant visitor bought a beer and left a tip of 228 thousand rubles
Jennifer Lopez showed her face without makeup in morning and disappointed fans
Nude women filmed with pigs and tractors
A girl covered in blood after a serious accident praised beautician for her appearance
Terminally ill nurse was declared absolutely healthy and ruined
Former youngest billionaire starred in a swimsuit and delighted fans
A sudden whim brought a man 42 million rubles
55-year-old actress recalled life before coronavirus with a snapshot in a bikini
Young man was hit by a truck and lost his entire lower body
Nutritionist shared a delicious potato recipe with an unusual ingredient
Bieber’s wife shared a photo in a dress with a cutout under chest in honor of 24th anniversary
Nudist had to become a sex trainer due to coronavirus
Model showed body after breast reduction and surprised fans
Stars began to upload photos without pants and launched a new fashion trend
Queen of Great Britain launched her own gin production
Woman gave birth to twins two years apart
A bear tore a woman to pieces in front of her husband who escaped from a tree
A way to recognize facial expressions under a protective mask
Two best outfits of women of royal family for year are named
Found tallest teenager in world
A man found a wallet with money lost 25 years ago and returned it to its owner
Woman lived for several months with her mother’s skeleton under a cot
Popular stylist reveals main problems in working with celebrities
Pamela Anderson admitted to being overweight and was scolded for her appearance
Jennifer Lopez was published in a dress with a deep neckline for millions of rubles
Ukrainian blogger with abnormally round cheeks showed a photo before face plastic surgery
Workers found a bust of Hermes in sewer
Cashier’s mistake brought woman 7.6 million rubles
49-year-old TV presenter shamed online for revealing Santa Claus costume
Man contracted coronavirus for second time and went blind after being bitten by a cobra
Details about a man eaten by a cannibal from a dating site have emerged
Model of a popular brand starred in a transparent suit without underwear
Bodybuilding warden had sex with a prisoner and went to court
Founder of Ice Bucket Challenge flash mob dies
Trip to pharmacy brought man $ 3.5 million
Prince William and Kate Middleton reported death of “family heart”
Borodina replied to plastic surgeon who listed all her “operations”
US wedding ends with coronavirus outbreak and death of seven people
A shark attacked a man swimming in shallow water and bit off his hand
Fans saw a copy of Billie Eilish in appearance of a rapper in photo with Lamborghini
Wife of a Dubai sheikh cheated on him with a security guard for two years and fled to London
Bride accidentally found ring prepared by groom for her and was disappointed