Man contracted coronavirus for second time and went blind after being bitten by a cobra

In the Indian state of Rajasthan, a king cobra bit a British man who contracted the coronavirus for the second time. The Daily Mail reports.

Ian Jones came to India a few months ago to work for a charity that helps underprivileged Indians. In March, he contracted COVID-19 for the first time. In addition, the man suffered from malaria and dengue.

The snake attacked Jones when he contracted COVID-19 for the second time. After the bite, he was paralyzed and blind. Since then, the man has been in the intensive care unit at a hospital in the Indian city of Jodhpur.

King Cobras are considered the largest poisonous snakes on the planet. Their poison causes paralysis of the respiratory muscles and respiratory arrest. A person can die within 15 minutes after being bitten. In nature, king cobras feed mainly on other species of snakes. They can go without food for up to three months.

Previously it was reported that in the Indian village of Tamolipurwa, Uttar Pradesh , a poisonous snake bit three family members for four days, two victims died. Local rescuers were unable to arrive: they were in quarantine after one of them was diagnosed with the coronavirus.