Woman lived for several months with her mother’s skeleton under a cot

A resident of the Indian village of Chium in a wealthy suburb of Mumbai lived for several months with her mother’s skeleton under a cot, reports the Times Now News.

Neighbors Mariot Fernandes have filed a complaint with the police that they are throwing garbage on the roads. They reported strange sounds coming from the woman’s cottage.

On Friday, November 20, a police officer came to her home to check the information received from local residents. He rang the doorbell, but no one opened it. At the same time, the policeman heard sounds coming from the house. After that, an employee of law enforcement noticed that the door was open and went inside. P >

He saw a woman sitting on a cot. A body covered with a sheet lay under it. When he asked what it was, the mistress of the house did not give him an intelligible answer. After that, the police officer removed the sheet and saw a human skeleton. The policeman reported the find to the dispatcher, and the body was sent for autopsy.

A police officer has established that the skeleton belonged to the woman’s 83-year-old mother, Evon Fernandes. Avon’s husband passed away about ten years ago, and she is survived by three daughters. At first, Mariot told police that her mother had passed away in March, but then changed her testimony for August.

“We spoke with their relatives, who said that Mariot was suffering from a mental illness. They asked the police to organize the funeral, saying that they would not be able to attend. We sent Mariot to the hospital, where doctors examine her,” said the senior police officer .

Earlier it was reported that a resident of Japan cleaned up the room of the missing person five years ago brother and found the body. Investigators speculate that these are the remains of the room’s owner.