Leopard tears farmer and his son to pieces

A farmer and his son were torn apart by a leopard in the Indian village of Apeagon near Aurangabad, Maharashtra state, reports Yahoo News.

On Monday, November 16, 52-year-old Ashok Aute and his 27-year-old son Krishna Aute went to work on the farm.

In the evening they did not return home. The relatives organized a search for the missing and informed the representatives of the forestry department.

Later, the bodies of an Indian and his son with traces of a leopard attack were found at the farm.

Representatives of the forestry department decided to install cameras and cages in this area in order to catch the predator. The victim’s family will receive compensation in accordance with the law.

Previously it was reported that a leopard tore a seven-year-old girl in the Indian village of Bhattigaon in Himalayas, Uttarakhand. The big cat dropped the dead victim and disappeared.