Patient COVID-19 was forced to give birth without medical assistance

In the Indonesian province of North Sumatra, a pregnant patient with COVID-19 was forced to give birth without medical assistance. Asia One reports.

A 22-year-old Indonesian woman known as D. was about to have a caesarean section. However, shortly before the operation, she was given a rapid test for a new coronavirus infection, which turned out to be positive. She was taken to a separate ward so as not to infect other patients and was given medicine. After that, the nurse who was next to her left.

The woman in labor began labor pains. They lasted 45 minutes, all this time the patient was alone. They came to her only after she screamed for a long time.

Representatives of the hospital said that the doctor who was supposed to give birth to the patient was busy with another operation. They noted that the woman in labor and her newborn daughter are both doing well.

The authorities learned of the incident and ordered to convert one of the hospitals into a maternity hospital for pregnant women infected with COVID-19.

Earlier it was reported that in the US state of Florida, a prisoner gave birth to a child in a prison camera. She told the guards about the contractions at 3:16 am local time, seven hours later the woman was found on the floor of the cell with a newborn baby in her arms.