Kate Middleton changed her image

Duchess of Cambridge Catherine changed her image by changing her hair color. The relevant footage appeared on the Daily Mail.

38-year-old Middleton starred in a video dedicated to the end of her own photography project, Hold Still. The photographers captured her with pictures of the contestants in a white longsleeve and a red jacket with bulky buttons. The image of the Duchess was complemented by a gold chain.

In addition, Prince William’s spouse showed a new hair color made with using a special coloring, which stylists call “brond” (the term is derived from the words “brunette” and “blonde”: the chocolate shade of the hair is diluted with light golden strands to make the hairstyle look more voluminous – approx. ” Lenta.ru “).

In the message, the Duchess thanked the participants in the competition, in which they demonstrated their lives in quarantine, introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. Subsequently, the best submitted photos became part of a public exhibition.

The readers of the publication admired the appearance of Middleton in the comments below the published footage. “Wonderful hairstyle”, “I like her new hair color”, “The most intelligent, beautiful woman and the best mom! I love her”, “Very beautiful Kate, and her hair color is just wonderful”, “Wonderful hairstyle”, – the fans said. / p>

Earlier, in October, in a blouse with a rainbow on Kate Middleton saw hidden meaning. She appeared in public in a blue satin blouse with a small rainbow pattern from the Lisou brand. The rainbow is reported to have become an official symbol of support for NHS employees in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The fans felt that with the help of the thing, the Duchess decided to express additional respect to British doctors.