Doctor mistook patient’s deadly disease for dog allergy

In the English city of Derby, a doctor mistook a patient’s life-threatening illness for an allergy to dogs. The Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

52-year-old Kevin Parnham said that in 2017 he went to the doctor with a complaint of acid reflux and discomfort in the throat. At the reception, the doctor decided that the patient was allergic to a pet – a German boxer named Ottis – and prescribed antihistamines.

The medications did not help, so Parnham made an appointment with an otorhinolaryngologist. The doctor discovered he had a cancerous tumor on his tongue. In the same year, the patient began a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and in April 2020 he was completely cured.

“I have changed jobs and I don’t tell everyone about what I have experienced. I want to move on,” Parnham notes. “The only thing that worries me is paranoia due to health. After cancer, any pain in the body makes you fear that the cancer has returned. Fortunately, over time, anxiety decreases. “

Previously it was reported that in the US state of Colorado, doctors confused toxic shock syndrome in a nine-year-old female patient with a nut allergy. The girl underwent antibiotic treatment and is now completely healthy.